Saturday, July 23, 2016

Horse Shoe NC: GOOD NEWS! re: Urgent. Owners moved to nursing home. Susie the Cat needs Rescue/Adopter NOW

Susie Martin found an adopter for Susie and she is doing well. Thanks to all who crossposted for her.
7/9 POST

Maggie gave me permission to blog. Susie is spayed.

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Subject: Horse Shoe,NC- seniors cat Susie needs new home URGENT!!!!
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I don't know what to do in this sad situation....can u guys please circulate?  What a sweet face!
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Date: Jul 8, 2016 12:26 PM
Subject: Susie needs a home ASAP
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I live in NY and am heading to Horse Shoe NC because my dad and my step mom were recently moved into skilled nursing and they are unable to take their 9-year-old healthy cat Susie with them because they can't care for her.  I unfortunately can't take her...I don't want to put her down and she is current on her shots. Can you please please help she can be rehomed.
My cell number is 315 - 952 - 4453
...Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated!...
Maggie [Margaret] Carter

Charlotte NC: Still available RE: #Adopt 8-year-old Sam the Tailless #AmericanCurl seeking Gentle Guardian(s) with No Dogs

Sam is still accepting applications from interested parties. Adopters for Sam should be in North Carolina.
7/18 POST
Sam is a little shy til he gets to know you.
American Curls' ears require frequent, gentle cleaning.

Here is the Wikipedia entry for the American Curl:
and for the Manx cat:

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Sam is a beautiful, long-haired American Curl with a Manx mutation, a neutered cat 8 years of age. Sam has blue-green eyes, quite a stunning boy!  His curled ears are adorable!  Sam is a big boy at 15 lb.  He has no tail and nice furry feet!

Sam was adopted as a young kitty.  When the family adopted a dog, Sam was very upset and is terrified of dogs.  For that reason, we are searching for a great home for Sam where there are no dogs and no chance of one being brought in later.  Sam is a little shy until he gets to know you. Sam has been well cared for and we have his vet records.  He has gorgeous long fur that must be brushed daily.  He does have small ear canals which require his ears to be cleaned several times per week.  He puts up with this very well.  Its an easy process and only takes minutes.

  Sam has gorgeous long fur that must be brushed daily.  

Adoption fee and application. This is a SPECIAL BOY we do not often see in rescue.


Houston TX: Urgent. BARC kitties in urgent need of adopters this weekend. If you can't adopt, please foster (or rescue)

See 19 kitties' photos and records in a pdf HERE 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Los Angeles area: Cassidy the 10-yr-old Calico DECLAW Needs New Home!

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Subject: Calico DECLAW Needs New Home!
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Hi Everyone,
Cassidy was adopted out 10 years ago as a kitten and returned this past week declawed. If you find any potential adopters looking for a declaw and you don't have one, please contact Karen below.

Cassidy is a ten year old darling Calico DECLAW with an adorable black beauty mark - on her foot! She is super-sweet, gentle and affectionate. Cassidy is wonderful with other cats and loves people. She is a great companion and friend and is current on medical.

To meet Cassidy, contact Karen: or 818.326.2570

Long Beach CA: Abandoned at apt complex Kevin the Cat Needs Rescue by July 25!

To rescue, foster or adopt Kevin,
contact Anna Burrell 704-681-4716

Please check out Kevin's info at the following sites:

On Thu, Jul 21, 2016 at 3:14 AM, Kathryn Hargreaves <> wrote:
I am not the contact.   Please pass this on if you're not taking them.   It's very helpful to send these on if you can, as you never know who might need a great cat in their lives.   Thanks!

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From: Christine Brown <>
Date: Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 4:49 PM
Subject: Fwd: Form Submission - Contact - Desperate need foster/rescue for abandoned cat!
​Please contact Anna if you can take this beautiful boy Kevin.  Click on the link to see his Rescue Me profile.  He goes to  the Long Beach shelter Monday.  Anna is getting him fixed and willing to give a  donation to the rescue that can take him.

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Subject: Form Submission - Contact - Desperate need foster/rescue for abandoned cat!
Name: Anna Burrell
Subject: Desperate need foster/rescue for abandoned cat!
Email Address:
Message: Hello,

I found your info thru My neighbors in downtown Long Beach moved leaving behind a sweet, young male tabby cat. (Building management have contacted them, they have refused ownership. He is not micro-chipped.)
We have named him Kevin and I am taking him to be neutered and fully vetted 7/23. I have posted flyers, started an Instagram and am making every attempt to home him. However, our building manager says he can no longer live in our courtyard and is calling animal control if we do not find a place for him by 7/25. LBAC has stated they are very full because of kitten season and he will likely be euthanized within 6 days of intake.
I am desperately searching no-kill rescues to place him until he finds a forever home. I will pay for his upkeep what ever donations I can make towards his care, I will drive him anywhere, he simply needs a safe place to be until an adopter comes through. I am sorry I cannot foster him and none of my neighbors have stepped up. Please let me know if you or anyone in your network can take him.
He is well behaved, very affectionate, does not spray, loves other cats and is curious, but cautious of dogs and children.
You can see more photos and videos of him on Instagram: rescuekevinthecat_
He's also listed here and will be on Petfinder soon!!!
Thank you for any help you may offer. I know you receive thousands of emails like this.
Anna 704-681-4716