Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bronx NYC NY: Declawed Kitty Just Lost Her Mom. MISTY Needs a Good Home. Sad Girl Now.

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Date: Jan 19, 2017 1:59 PM
Subject: Bronx, NY Declawed Kitty Just Lost Her Mom...MISTY Needs a Good Home...Sad Girl Now...
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Jan 19 *U*R*G*E* N*T*  URGENT
PLEASE Please Help Us Find a Wonderful Home for
Bronx, NY *** DECLAWED***
Declawed, Lap Cat, 11 years old...
Healthy but sad and lonely now......
Misty's Mom had a bad stroke and won't be able to care for her best friend again...
Misty is currently an only pet BUT with proper Introduction, Patience and can work...
Please Consider this sweet kitty to bring Home...
Contact Robin Wallach Waller

OR Contact  me, Trudy, for direct phone #

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Anaheim CA: URGENT Arthritic dog on cement floor

Sweet 63-lb #dog's review date is TODAY JAN 15! Rescue needed! High-kill shelter. He also has ear infection and needs dental work. Highly networked on Facebook and Instagram but still showing in database! Obviously his ear infection and arthritis are worse than ever thanks to cold, hard cell. Search internet by ID number A1501326 to view others' crossposts. Rescue needed ASAP!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Carthage IL: URGENT! Hancock County Pound New URGENTS need rescue!!!

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Date: Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 4:29 PM
Subject: Carthage, IL: Hancock County Pound New URGENTS needing rescue!!!
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Carthage, IL 1/12/17: Once again we are in desperate need of rescue help to get all these wonderful homeless dogs placed so they are not euthanized. If you can help sponsor or rescue, please contact Although our pound has heat, it doesn't get above 50 degrees on a nice warm winter day, now temps are in the 40's in there.  Please help us save these dogs!!  Thank you,  Anissa
Dottie, Female, possibly Border Collie mix medium size. A little shy but friendly. Medium size. 2 yrs. old maybe.
Magpie is a darling foxhound/beagle mix, 35ish lbs, 3ish years old, very social and sweet!  She is a polite gentle girl who is great with other dogs!  She was dumped at the pound last week the night of the freezing storm that came through L
Mary and Molly are so older girls whose owner was arrested and the girls can be released to rescue or be pts.  Please help me save these cuties!  They are very nice girls, terrier mixes, only about 25lbs, good with other dogs and although they look neglected, they are very much sweethearts! 
Clyde is a male boxer mix who was dumped at the pound.  He is a young guy, under a 1-1.5 old, super social and outgoing, very sweet guy who is great with other dogs.  Can't believe someone would dump him!!!!
Moe is a terrific older male border collie lab mix.  He is very sweet and polite, great with other dogs.  He was found stray, he is in horrible shape, skinny and skin issues.
Griffin is a male lab/bloodhound mix, 1 year old, super sweet and great with other dogs!  He is neutered but his family "didn't have time for him" and kept him crated and chained up most of the time. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Phillipsburg NJ: Adopt 2 ADORABLE 8-week-old kittens together - Rescued from an industrial park 3 weeks ago

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Date: Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 3:04 PM
Subject: Fwd: Phillipsburg, NJ - ADORABLE 8 week old kittens need a home together - Rescued from an industrial park 3 weeks ago.


ADORABLE 8 week old kittens need a home together - Rescued from an industrial park 3 weeks ago.

Please meet Holly and Rudy. Brother and Sister 8 week old kittens who where rescued from under a dumpster with their Mom on 12/22/16. Holly is the Tortie kitten and Rudy is the black and white kitten. These two little kittens are so sweet and gentle and will be ready for adoption in a few weeks. They have received their first dewormer  and are getting their first shots tomorrow. Their Mom has tested neg for FELV/FIV.  They too will be tested when they are 12 weeks of age.  Rudy, with his pink little nose, is extremely sweet and loves so much to be held and pet. His sister is a little bit timid but she is coming around.  We are looking for an adopter who will keep this bonded pair together and will be patient while they learn about life, noises, people, a home environment and etc. They are truly little love bugs and will be the best kittens ever. Please open your heart to these little rescued souls. Adoption application is required and a $75.00 adoption fee is being asked.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Porter Ranch CA and beyond: Missing Chihuahua Emotional Support Fur Baby Girl STOLEN Almost a Year Ago - Please help find her

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Date: Jan 5, 2017 7:02 PM
Subject: Fwd: Missing Chihuahua Missing Emotional Support Fur Baby
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Please forward before you delete.  It could be your ONE forwarded email that can help this animal get united with his/her family.

Do not reply:  Please contact the sender, as we're merely forwarding to spread the word.  Thanks!

Date: Wednesday, January 4, 2017 at 11:09 PM
Subject: Fwd: Missing Chihuahua Mix Support Fur Baby

wow, I received an email from this person almost a year ago…they are still searching. Heartbreaking...

On Jan 4, 2017 10:19 PM, wrote:
Our fur baby's been missing for almost a year.
Please if you have a lost pets board or binder please add my Chihuahua mix fur baby's missing dog flyer to it. Or if she's already on board or in binder please keep her flyer there. Also if you have a Facebook page please post her flyer on your page or bump her flyer if it's already there.
Sunny is a female spayed Chihuahua mix with big pointed ears that either fold back (not floppy) or stand up on her head & a curly tail that curls up & over her bottom. She's mostly gold except her underside is cream (from her chin to her bottom & the underneath of her tail). She's about the same size as a Jack Russell (14 inches tall & 15 lbs). She has a cherry eye. She's an emotional support dog for my teenage son.
On February 3, 2016 around 8:15am I went inside the Porter Ranch Wal-Mart for dog food & flea stuff for her. I was only gone maybe 10 minutes. I didn't leave my windows down far enough for her to be able to jump out, as she will jump out & follow me inside. The windows were open about 8 inches & it was about 60° outside. It was cool enough that I could safely leave her in my car. Or so I thought . . .in that 10 minutes someone saw her, took her, & left with my baby.
We've put up big bright posters across the street from the Wal-Mart & at lots of other intersections all over the San Fernando Valley. I've posted her on lots of lost & found pets groups & pages on Facebook; as well as posted her on as many lost & found pet websites as I could find. We will continue posting her on Facebook & putting up big bright posters of her until she's given back to us & safely back home. We am keeping a log of where posters have been put up or posted online, so  we can take down posters & let everyone know once she's been returned to us & safely back home.
Please keep your eyes open for her. We are completely heartbroken. She is missed terribly. We will never stop looking for our fur baby & family member.