Friday, October 9, 2009

Lindsay CA: Lindsay Animal Shelter closing. Cats & dogs in danger. WE NEED HELP NOW!

Click for Wiki to see location for Lindsay a town in TULARE COUNTY

From: Carrie Friedberg []
Sent: Thursday, October 08, 2009 12:59 PM
Subject: The DEATH of Lindsay Animal Shelter - WE NEED HELP NOW!

URGENT: WE KNEW IT WAS COMING - this shelter is closing AS WE KNEW IT WOULD...
PLEASE CROSSPOST TO EVERYONE/EVERYWHERE. IF YOU CAN TAKE EVEN ONE DOG - please let me know! We can help to arrange transport. ALL FEES ARE WAIVED. Dogs and CATS TOO
need to get out. The shelter is closing - the dogs (and cats) need to get OUT.
Contact the shelter Phone: 559-562-6577 (open Tue-Sat)- get your name on the dog and then email me and we can help work on transport immediately.
Unconfirmed sources indicate that any dogs remaining will NOT BE accepted by Porterville Animal Control.

There are cats, big dogs, small dogs and pups too. If you call, I think there are other dogs not on the website so you can talk to the shelter personnel.


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From: John H McAulay Jr <>
Sent: Thursday, October 8, 2009 11:04:17 AM
Subject: The DEATH of Lindsay Animal Shelter

According to the Porterville City Council meetings on 6 October and Jenna Chandler from the Porterville Recorder the City of Lindsay Animal Shelter is going to close its doors and it is going to be taken over by Porterville Animal Control.

There are still several dogs available most of whom have been fixed and chipped and UTD with fees waived.

Anyone who wishes to save one of these animals MUST contact the Shelter directly.

Currently the DEADline is 13 October but realistically you probably have until Saturday the 17th since the Lindsay Shelter is closed on Sun and Mon.

It is doubtful that any dogs can be adopted after that as Porterville will need time to move in and set up shop.

You all may draw your own conclusions or try to verify from either Porterville Animal Shelter and/or Jenna Chandler.

john aka 3/4 Cav