Monday, December 27, 2010

Bunnell FLORIDA: 2017 Update re Pace the RESCUED surrendered wandering in the panhandle intact Chow

2/25/17 Rescuer Debi Root says Pace was adopted and has been doing excellent all these years.
12/27/10 POST
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Sure, please do let everyone know he is doing great and if anyone would like to donate to help with his vet costs, that would sure be appreciated!  They can donate through at or just call our Vet at 904-738-8391  if they'd rather donate directly on our Second Chance Rescue account there.

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Oh fabulous! Thank you Deb. Do I have your permission to post this update? I hope he has speedy recovery from crystals and surgery. Thank you for taking care of him.

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"Pace" (his new name...) is a wonderful dog!  We just have to get him through his health issues so he can be adopted.  He'll find a home pretty quick once he's healthy because he is a doll!!  Very sweet, very smart and even housebroken!  He loves kids and does fine with the other dogs too.  He is quite the cuddle bug!  I love him! 
He has an appointment this Thursday to have surgery though for crystals in his bladder.  The infection in his testicles is much better and we'll neuter his as soon as the Vet says it's safe.  He did get his rabies vaccine and microchip already.  Thanks for checking on him~ definitely a great save!!  Thanks, Deb
12/16: GOOD NEWS. On Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 10:29 AM, <> wrote:
Thank you for crossposting this guy or we may have not known he needed us. We are working on transport now and hopefully will have him on Saturday. Of course you have PERMISSION TO CROSSPOST our information.  You can get all info from our site at (click on)   Debi
12/13: Linda says that rescue is still needed.
12/11 update: Linda at says repost, reshare, relist! The clock is ticking!
From: boondance37 <>
Subject: Red chow male, 1 year old, owner surrender
Date: Friday, December 10, 2010, 4:52 PM
Hello Chow rescues!
My shelter contacted me yesterday about a one year old red Chow male that the owners want to owner surrender. I am the volunteer rescue coordinator at this facility which is located in the panhandle of Florida. This shelter can not adopt Chows to the public, so rescue is imperative.
He is a year old and intact. The reason for surrender: They can't keep him contained in the yard! (I am guessing that AC has been called out at least 3 times because the dog was loose...)
Picture is attached. If you can assist, please let me know ASAP. He only has a few days, but the shelter is willing to work with rescue. He isn't really aggressive, just timid is what one of the employees tells me :o)