Thursday, August 2, 2012

Everywhere: Ban bear baying in South Carolina

Hundreds of people attend these events in South Carolina, the only state in the USA where it is still legal. It is sick sadism at best. I don't know why it wasn't immediately outlawed after Wayne Pacelle's and The HSUS investigation in 2010. Please sign the petition and ask others to sign now in 2012. "Bear baiting" and "Bear baying" have equivalent definitions in this case.
Photo shows bear baying in Pakistan---Watch video for bear baying in South Carolina
Sent: Thu, Aug 2, 2012 
Subject: Please sign petition to ban bear baiting in South Carolina 

Please read & sign this petition to request a HALT to a barbaric practice happening in OUR OWN COUNTRY in South Carolina, known as Bear Baiting. Here is the link with all the information:
Please forward & 
Thank you everyone! 

This is Wayne Pacelle's blog post from 2010!:
This is HSUS photograph from South Carolina bear baying

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