Sunday, January 6, 2013

World: Facebook may CLOSE DOWN your Animal Rescue account!

1/6/13: I did not sign the petition on with over 20,000 signatures pleading with Facebook not to shut down animal rescuers and crossposters' accounts. The algorithms at Facebook do not care whether you are an animal rescuer, advocate for bigger dirtier oil rigs, lobbyist for accordion makers, or whatever. The point is to use their site in the prescribed format. Click on the link from per the following post for clear explanations. There are pages, communities, and groups on Facebook (and countless other social media sites!) where all one's friends can congregate and post alerts without risk of being caught by an algorithm or other robot. You can also create a group on your page.
8/14/12 POST:
Please heed this important advice from if applicable:
Facebook may CLOSE DOWN your Animal Rescue account! | rescuedismyfavoritebreed
This is VERY IMPORTANT info… please share ASAP!

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