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Waxhaw NC:GOOD NEWS! ADOPTED! RE: Adopt Anna the great golden-eyed mix breed dog

12/19/12 GOOD NEWS! Anna has been lovingly adopted by a family who considers her a part of the family! Yay! Thanks to all who helped Anna!
10/24/12 POST:
10/24/12 To inquire about adopting Anna, please contact Lara at
Anna is about 35 pounds and LOVES to play fetch and catch
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Anna is a mix. She was abandoned at a local school. Their policy is to call animal control immediately. I believe Anna has some pit in her. Enough that Union County would immediately euthanize any dog with any pit. I think she definitely has some chocolate lab in her.  She has been with us for almost two months, and I am learning more about her every day. She deserves such wonderful things.
She was probably used to breed, and never touched with love. I feel certain that Anna lived for all of her two or three years on a chain, attached to a collar that was too small. The hair on her neck and throat is growing back in, and she has a lovely white stripe on her chest. She weighs about 35 pounds. Her eyes are gold, and she is so excited to be loved. She is learning how to act around people and other dogs. It is obvious that she wasn't properly socialized. I imagine she had one litter immediately after another. She must have had to defend her puppies against the breeding male. But, dogs live in the moment, and she can overcome her old environment!! She has made tremendous progress, and is such a fast learner.
I don't think Anna had ever known love before us. When she realizes that you are *really* going to stay and hang out with her, she becomes like a senior dog that has been around the block. She'll just lay at your feet, or sit beside you with her back against yours.
She is SO sweet and friendly. You can take her dog food any time you want. She'd rather have you touch her than eat anyway. Takes treats so gently, no matter how yummy they are. She sits before she is allowed to eat, and has learned that jumping up on her people is undesirable. (How else would you get attention from anyone if you were chained?) Now, she has learned to quietly sit to get attention. She has been practicing her 'heel' and the submissive 'down'.
She LOVES to play fetch and catch. She has learned 'bring' and 'give'. She does NOT chew inappropriately. She is great with my kids: ages 10 to 16. She loves to take a ride in the car, and is learning to stay on her side!! She would love to ride in my lap, but she is just too big!!
She is more inclined to be frightened of things she doesn't understand. lawn statues. Bicycle riders. garden hoses. She just stops, and trembles. She has been to McAlpine, and was completely uninterested in the runners. No inclination to chase people or bikes. She would have liked to greet more people, but she minded the 'heel'.
She is being professionally trained, so that she can behave predictably around other dogs. She made amazing progress with just one session. Chris believes that her initial (mommy) defensiveness (to my dogs) was a fear response, and that she could live with other dogs. She held a submissive down while two other dogs approached her from behind her. She has been in training for about eight weeks, and has just excelled each time. The Kennel has agreed to continue her training for her new family at a discounted rate, in your own home! If you are looking to have your pet 'dog sat', I'll be glad to refer you to them. They are wonderful!
I have three dogs and two cats already inside, and Anna stays in my fenced yard.
 Her shelter is a large outside garbage can. One of my dogs (the smallest!) is aggressively rude, and we have not tried to put them together much. I really think Anna would be fine. She lay at Scott's feet on the leash in a submissive down, while two guineas and a rooster bug-hunted ten feet from her. She gave them not a second glance!
She does not bark unnecessarily.  When something comes in my yard, you can tell by her tone what it is.  When she barks in the middle of the night, I know she is alerting us for something important.  When you acknowledge her alarm, she stops!
She is available for adoption. She is spayed, with vaccinations for rabies, distemper, and kennel cough. She is heartworm NEGATIVE, and has been microchipped. YES! She is in great health, vet certified!
Truly, Anna is a great dog!

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