Thursday, November 1, 2012

Los Angeles: Urgent! Lacy & Max are stunning but older Persians. Horror story at best

Max, 9 years old male lovable quiet
Does not spay at all ever!
Use cat box always.
Gently loving, gets along with everyone.
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Date: Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 12:53 PM
Subject: [socalfelinerescue] Help?!

Can anyone help with these two stunning but older Persians. They ARE purebred (UGH ) breeder has failing health, not allowed cats in residence (of course) called me hysterical about a new building owner inspection (on the 5th of course) . There is also a (get this ) 20 YEAR OLD Siamese. I honestly don't know if I could place them and have no one that fosters adults. I told her to board them until it was over (to buy us time) but went hysterical again. I tried helping her a year ago. Took 6 kittens from her (none in good health, dirty fleas ect ) arranged for the other 5-6 adults to be fixed but when the vet requested separate carriers the husband took them out to the parking lot and let them go. SOOOOO in short yes this is a horror story at best. Help??

Lacy 9 years
female fixed, Sweet extra loving gentle with all.
Gets along with cats, children everyone.
Plays retrieves

Lacy again...Coat is longer in real life.