Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Charlotte NC: NO RESPONSE!!! RE: 2 Senior Maine Coon Mix Siblings, Bonded, Need Home Together, URGENT

12/26 Melba has had no action on these darling kitties! Please apply to adopt them if you feel so moved, or network briskly for them if you can! Thank you!
12/16 POST:
From: Melba Tarlton <>

Priscilla and Tinky
Date: Sun, Dec 16, 2012 at 1:27 PM
Subject: Charlotte, NC - 2 Senior Maine Coon Mix Siblings, Bonded, Need Home Together, URGENT

These precious siblings are being rehomed because their owner travels a lot.  Please see writeup I created below about them.  They are very beautiful and healthy other than some manageable health concerns.  Please circulate far and wide to find them a great home together.  They are currently living alone.  Their owner travels and has a boyfriend whom she lives with.  These cats are on their own, in her house.  A kind neighbor checks on them a lot.  But, they are basically living alone which is really sad at their age.  They deserve so much better.  They really love and depend upon each other for company.  They must be kept together.  Take a look at these photos and it will just melt your heart!  They are obviously so precious together.  Priscilla is so cute with that gingham cloth on her head!   I just fell in love with them and must find them a loving home...
Tinky – Tinky is a very sweet and loving cat.  He is an 11 year old grey tabby with short hair. He is neutered and current on shots. Tinky has the cutest pink nose and pink pads on his paws. He loves to fall down and drag himself across the carpet in what appears to be an attempt to do the side stroke on land. In reality it is an attempt to get you to rub and love him… repeatedly. It has recently been discovered that Tinky has a heart murmur. He easily takes ½ a pill a day in order to treat this issue and fortunately the medication is inexpensive. ($8 for 60 pills which will last 120 days)
Priscilla – Priscilla is your typical cat in the fact that she loves to be loved, but on her terms. She loves to be held and petted but she prefers for you to show her affection by giving her food. Like her brother Tinky, Priscilla is an 11 year old grey tabby with the cutest pink nose and pink pads on her paws. Where Tinky is short haired, Priscilla has long hair. She is spayed and current on shots.  It was recently discovered that Priscilla has a thyroid issue and fortunately this issue has responded well to medication. She is currently taking an oral medication that is also very inexpensive.  It has resolved her problems and she is doing very well.  Priscilla loves to look out the window and she loves to find a safe and out of the way place to sleep.
Tinky & Priscilla – Tinky and Priscilla have lived their entire lives together. As kittens they were inseparable and very bonded. For this reason, they must remain together. They have always lived in a home with adults.  I don't think a home with small children would be suitable but older children should be fine. They have always been in a home where dogs are present and have developed a tolerance for the canine species. Both cats are current on their shots and are patients at Brown Creek Animal Hospital. They are indoor only cats.