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Columbus GA: GOOD NEWS! RE: Himalayan "Belle" has 2 days to find a place. Landlord kicking out.

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Someone has to get this cat immediately. Contact Phyl:
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Subject: FW: Columbus, GA Himalayan "Belle" has 2 days to find a place. Landlord kicking out. Huh?
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Subject: Columbus, GA Himalayan "Belle"  has 2 days to find a place.  Landlord kicking out.  Huh?
Oh my God, someone has to get this cat immediately.  Please. Gorgeous, poor
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I got a phone call this morning from a girl who works behind me.  She tells
me her landlord is throwing her cat out because she's not going to allow
cats any longer.  She told me she had 2 days which I said is unacceptable -
I am not a miracle worker.

Belle is 10 years old and has been with her current owner since a kitten.
She had bladder surgery 5 years ago but has been fine since and is on vet
cat food - not spayed!  Her shots are up to date!  When asked if she would
consider paying for her spay the answer was negative.  I feel extremely
sorry for this kitty - I've had a Himalayan before and they are very loving
cats and she does say that all Belle wants is to be loved on!

I hate to be a pessimist here but I have asked her to explain to her
landlord that we need more time - she said she could probably hide her out
in the bathroom for a few days.  Given her age (which for a cat is really
not that old - my oldest died at 24 1/2) and the fact she's not spade is not
on Belle's side. I called my vet to see about boarding even though I don't
really have the extra funds - he is busting at the seams throught the

The pic was taken with her cell phone and is not good but I can assure you
it is the BEST I will get from owner.  Given the number of cats at our local
animal control/PAWS this cat doesn't stand a chance in hell!..If anyone can
help or has any suggestions, please respond to my email but also call me
706-662-4728.  That is my cell and I have it at work.