Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Memphis TN: GOOD NEWS! re: Urgent! 3 starving neglected dogs need help! 4th dog named Pongo needs home too!

On Tue, Dec 11, 2012 at 5:30 PM, Amy Clark <clark832@yahoo.com> wrote:
Liz, all the dogs are safe. Pongo was adopted by my boss and her husband and is getting so much love and attention.

The 2 starving dogs and 1 other "hotel dog" are all at northgate animal hospital getting the medical attention they need.

That's for spreading the word :)

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Amy Clark

From: Beverly King <bevanddogs@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, Dec 11, 2012 at 8:54 AM
Subject: Starving neglected dogs need help!

I assume this is in the Memphis area.  If anyone has any questions or may be able to help, the contact number is below.  I do not know if they have been neutered?  Probably not current on shots/hw preventative!  The owners need to be arrested.  Sigh, does it ever end?
Contact:   Josselin  901-304-3445.  Please cross post. 

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From: Amy Clark [mailto:clark832@yahoo.com]
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To: clark832@yahoo.com
Subject: URGENT SITUATION!!! starving dogs and owner is getting evicted - leaving dogs behind
Hello to all my dog lover friends,
I received a call today from Josselin who is trying to save 2 dogs. SHe says the owners have already received an eviction notice and are leaving the dogs behind. She went to pick up money from her ex husband who is now living at this house with other people (allegedly drug addicts). She looked in the backyard and noticed 2 dogs that were extremely emanciated and asked when was the last time they had been fed to which the owner responded "probably about a week" because he doesnt have any money. Josselin immediately left to go buy a bag of cheap dog food which they devoured immediately. The owner said the back gate is open and he doesnt want them anymore and someone is welcome to come get them any time they want. Josselin is living in a hotel with her 3 pitbulls currently and cannot take them with her. SHe said they are in very bad shape but very sweet. One is a black lab and the other is maybe a pit mix but she is not sure. She said when she fed them., the lab kept grabbing a dirty old slipper and coaxing her to throw it and play with him. They are starved for food and love and attention.  I have attached pictures of all of them that she sent me today.  The pictures are horrible but you can see how hungry they are.
She took another bag of food over today and they ate every bit of it.
Please spread the word and if anyone can help them, call Josselin directly at 901-304-3445. They come with 2 igloo dog houses and 2 dog crates.  I dont personally have any other information about them other than this.  She doesnt know the exact address but she knows how to get to the house.  She said she would meet anybody that can help and they can follow her to the house.

Pongo is a little 4 month old pitbull that is living in the hotel next door to Josselin and they are getting kicked out Monday morning Dec 10.  He needs a home too.
Amy Clark