Monday, December 17, 2012

NYC NY: Urgent. Sweet rescued Pittie girl needs new FOSTER by 12/19---has to be gone by Thursday.

Now called Brooklyn, click HERE for her photo/thread at the Facebook page of Second Chance Rescue NYC (a Flushing Queens 501(c)3 rescue organization). Brooklyn is with a temp foster til Wednesday in Manhattan. She was rescued from a basement where she had been starved and abandoned. She HAS BEEN TO THE VET..SHE IS DOING GREAT. If you can foster her, please contact Christina Grimaldi at <>

From: Christina Grimaldi 
Date: Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 12:57 PM
Subject: Fw: any open fosters for sweet girl locked in basement - New York, NY

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URGENT: WE found a foster but he said he can only hold her until WED 12/19... SHE HAS TO BE GONE BY THURSDAY AND WE DONT WANT TO BOARD HER, IT WOULD BE A SHAME BECAUSE OF WHAT SHE HAS BEEN THROUGH.. ...and we need a new foster..She is with him in his Manhattan apt in New York.

Brooklyn' story:

this is the Basement dog, Brooklyn 4 yrs old. Kept tied up with no food or water. She was emaciated & mouth was bleeding. Through a huge group effort 4-year old Brooklyn was saved from being tied up in a dark basement with no food and water and we were able to get her out of that basement!

She had an owner for 3 yrs then gave her away to some kid who wanted to breed her, when she didnt make babies, he wanted to punish her and he starved her since Thanksgiving Day until the day we got her which was Saturday Dec. 7.

We found out about her because her landlord discovered her in the basement and asked for help, the kid moved out.

She HAS BEEN TO THE VET..SHE IS DOING GREAT....she is super sweet....we need a home with NO KIDS OR OTHER PETS..only because she is selective with some dogs..not all..she hasn't done anything but we havent fully evaluated her with dogs and cats.......the temp foster has no other dogs or kids.... SHE IS GOOD WITH PEOPLE AND VERY VERY SWEET..we were able to give her a bath with no problem.
Please call me at 917-822-6021 or email me at

if you can help..once we get her evaluated, we will put her on our petfinder page for adoption. She is a pretty dog and we know she will get adopted.

Thank you,
Christina G
Second Chance Rescue