Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Riverside CA: URGENT! Horses Need Rescue NOW!

From: Jacquelyn Gonzales <jgonzales@pacbell.net>
Date: Tue, Dec 11, 2012 at 12:29 AM
Subject: URGENT: Riverside, CA - Horses Need Rescue NOW!!!
To: jgonzales@pacbell.net
Cc: Tery Scott <teryscott@hotmail.com>

Please cross post far and wide! See below.   If you can help, contact Tery Scott at teryscott@hotmail.com

--- On Mon, 12/10/12, Tery Scott <teryscott@hotmail.com> wrote

Anyone with space?
These horses are still needing rescued. They are running out of time folks. They are at Riverside County Animal Shelter.  I have no room at Summer Hawk right now. I can get them released and males castrated for free, but need a foster home or an adoptor NOW! Please network these right away.
They were confiscated then surrendered. The QH stallion/first chestnut (who will be gelded). He's 7. Sweet as can be and in pretty good shape. The 4 yr old Paint stallion and 2 yr chestnut filly are going to be a little harder. They're thin, feet are bad, and wary. I can halter (after sweet talking him) the paint and groom him no problems. I can now touch the filly but can't halter her. They have had no work. They are glued together. Any help you can give, great

The grey arab,

·         the Arabian is very nice. Nothing is wrong with him. A couple of surface owies that are almost healed. Apparently someone had him, someone was supposed to pick him up from her, she kept him tied to the side of her house for 3 days, he got loose (smart little guy) ran into parked car (maybe, not really enough damage for that), she called someone who said call AC and say he is a stray. Stupid people. He'd be a good horse for you.
I'm networking as hard as I can but not getting anywhere. Worried
Thank you for any help anyone can bring.
Vikki Brink