Friday, March 22, 2013

Atlanta GA: Mama & Newborns in Danger Tonight!

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Date: Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 2:23 PM
Subject: PICTURE: ATL, GA - (Mama &) Newborns in Danger Tonight!
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UPDATE: Mama just moved the kittens. Don't know where, but maybe they at least won't drown tonight.... Need rescue for all of them, so please continue to cross-post!

If anyone has experience with newborns and a mama (described as very cautious), and is equipped/willing to help catch mama, and give them all somewhere to go, please contact Laura (info below).

Mama has placed the babies in a hole that goes straight down under an apartment building. They can be reached by laying down and stretching an arm down in to the hole, I am told.

Mama is a lynx-point with blue eyes. She's cautious and has been described as probably not feral, lets you get within a few feet, but I'm not sure. (I have not seen them myself).

Best scenario:  keep mama and kittens together, but if mama can't be caught, the babies will need to be bottle-fed as they were born early yesterday morning.  Rains are coming in tonight and tomorrow, and it's really cold at night, so the fact that the kittens are outside, and down in a hole, is not good.  Laura is afraid that they may very well may drown in that hole.

678-468-1833  (leave message if she does not answer and she will return the call asap)