Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jersey City NJ: GOOD NEWS! RE: Urgent! RESCUE NEEDED NOW or dies tomorrow---senior Rottweiler will be ptd in shelter after his house burned down

On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 8:04 PM, Sara McClurg <mcclurgsara@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Liz, 
Damon will be going to rescue on Wednesday. Thanks for checking in and sharing!
3/30 POST:

Sent: Fri, Mar 29, 2013 10:59 pm
Subject: JERSEY CITY, NJ: SR ROTTI TO BE PTS EASTER SUNDAY, 3-31 Sara McClurg (mcclurgsara@gmail.com315-430-8647), Maryellen Liddy (maryellenliddy@gmail.com), 973-204-7206)(201)-547-4147)

Left At Shelter When Family's House Burnt Down. Please Save Damon!

Please Contact:

Contact: Sara McClurg (mcclurgsara@gmail.com315-430-8647), Maryellen Liddy (maryellenliddy@gmail.com973-204-7206), or Liberty Humane Society, 235 Jersey City Blvd, Jersey City, NJ (201-547-4147) if you can help. 

From: Lynn Hills <lynnills@comcast.net>

Damon, senior rottie boy was surrendered to the shelter when his family's house burnt down. His seven day hold is up on Sunday, 3/31 and Damon will be euthanized.....please share Damon's information with your contacts.....below are his pictures and also his Petfinder link.....he looks like a sweet old guy....

From: "Maryellen Liddy" <maryellenliddy@gmail.com>

Tamara ~ Do you have any Rotti people? We desperately need help for Damon. He will die on Sunday. Please help. Thank you!

Please help if you can, even if only to share Damon.

Damon, a senior Rottweiler, was surrendered to Liberty Humane Society when his family's house burnt down to the ground. He came to us in bad shape, so skinny that his hip bones and spine were jutting out. He's a calm, kind, loving senior who is dog, people, and older child friendly. During his evaluation, he displayed resource guarding only of his food, not toys or rawhides, likely because he was so hungry. 

Damon's 7 day hold expires on Easter Sunday, and he is scheduled to be euthanized. 

Contact Sara McClurg (mcclurgsara@gmail.com, 315-430-8647), Maryellen Liddy (maryellenliddy@gmail.com, 973-204-7206), or Liberty Humane Society, 235 Jersey City Blvd, Jersey City, NJ (201-547-4147) if you can help. 

Petfinder description

Hello, my friends! My name is Damon, and I am a senior Rottweiler mix who was recently surrendered to the shelter. My family suffered a tragedy. Our home was burned down to the ground, and in their new residence, my family members cannot have me with them.
I am a big, calm, sweet guy, but I am very frightened right now. Although my friends at the shelter are taking wonderful care of me, I am an older gentleman who spent my entire life living in a home. The sounds and smells of the shelter -- and my loneliness at missing my old family -- make it difficult for me to be comfortable here. I am often trembling and sad. I long for someone who will see that I am a healthy, vibrant guy who has many years of happiness left to enjoy and many years of love left to share.
Considering how overwhelmed I feel right now, I did very well on my behavior evaluation. I didn't pull at all on my leash and was content to walk right along beside my human friend. I tolerated all handling in a relaxed and friendly manner. I even tried as best as I could to play tag and chase a ball. Although I'm an older man, I still enjoy playing like every other dog. I just tire out a bit more easily and would prefer snuggles and cuddles over hours of romping around. Would you maybe like to snuggle with me?
I am working on sharing my food more politely with my human friends. I came into the shelter extremely skinny, with my hip bones and spine jutting out. As you might imagine, being hungry, it was hard for me to share my food during the test. I'm sure I can learn to share once I'm feeling better.
I tested well with older children, approaching them in a relaxed and interested manner. I even did great with unusual looking strangers, ignoring them and remaining subdued and approachable. I tell you, I'm a real people pooch!
I have met several dogs at the shelter, including a senior male German Shepherd. I haven't been terribly interested in these other dogs, but I have shown no signs of aggression toward them. I tolerate their presence easily.
Please, I am an old fella who just wants to live out his golden years with love, peace, and friendship. Might you be the special person to look past my age and see all the wonderful things a senior dog like me can bring into your life? I am looking forward to meeting you soon! Love and kisses, Damon

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