Saturday, March 9, 2013

Killeen TX to Benton AR: GOOD NEWS! Simba the GSD was rescued!

Simba's pal Snowball was rescued
Foxy was rescued
Recently an owner surrendered two best friends to the pound in Killeen TX, a Pekingese named Snowball and a German Shepherd named Simba. Leasha who owns a Pekingese rescue and sanctuary in Arkansas - LizE's Pekingese Rescue - had been trying to rescue them along with Foxy another Pekingese who was impounded in Killeen. But a rescue organization from Texas rescued Snowball and Foxy was adopted.  So the two Pekingese went in their different directions before Leasha could rescue them and Simba was still impounded with no other offers. Leasha then offered Simba permanent sanctuary in Benton AR and scrambled to find help to pull him, temporarily board him, and transport him to Benton.  Leasha just couldn't stand the thought of everyone leaving Simba behind, even though yes she knows there are many dogs in Arkansas who need rescuing too. There are just some dogs and situations that need attention! Now as a matter of fact, Simba has already been chosen to be LizE's Pekingese Rescue mascot!!! Here in her own words is the story, with her permission:

On Fri, Mar 8, 2013 at 7:03 PM, leasha wrote:
Hi Liz-
Yes, of course you can tell people of Simba's rescue. And sure, people can contact us (just email for starters please)--that's very kind of you and we appreciate it.  We just did what we thought was right...I know there will be some out there that say Arkansas doesn't need dogs coming in and there are 1,000s out there to be saved (you know I heard all this while I was trying to get Simba out :) , but we can't help the special stories and cases that pull at us for some reason or another...and we know however tirelessly we work, there will always be more.  
The rescue that took Simba's friend did not take him. Sometimes small breed rescues aren't equipped for big dogs. Sometimes stories get crossed or we don't receive the entire story. Yes, I'm a Peke rescue and just felt compelled to try to get him. Just because  he's big or old, doesn't mean he should be left behind. We take mostly old or medical issue(s) Pekes because no one else wants them. We are a bit of a sanctuary :) And I felt like at his age, his chances were slim and he sat there for so long, that I really felt he was knocking on death's door. After I made many many calls and emails for weeks, I found someone wonderful and close enough to that shelter, to really help me take ACTION.  We are planning on meeting halfway and Simba will arrive in Arkansas next week! Such a huge thanks to the man that called me to help us save Simba.
For your info-- our rescue is LizE's Pekingese Rescue--named after our wonderful Peke LizE who fought seizures, joint problems, eye trouble for 12 short years. She was on enough seizure meds (some compounded- which Arkansas quit doing and I found a Pharm that believed in it) for a St. Bernard! But she was animated, won prizes at all of the Humane Society festivals that included a pool and a "fishing for rubber duckies" (we won a year of free food one time because she got every duck out of the pool! :) She died from aspirating from a seizure. There's more to that story too--but I won't write you a novel tonight. :)
Hope that works for you. Thanks again for your kindness. :)

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