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Sacramento & San Fernando CA: Three Rottweilers in boarding need placements & boarding funds


5/30: Rainer was adopted! Yay! 

3/31 POST:
3/31 update. NEW PHOTOS! Contact Mary Ann Martorana in Sacramento at  916-613-6825 regarding these three dogs. Her email address is: (  
Mary Ann Martorana in Sacramento has posted new photos (courtesy of her friend Sassa Minnegren) & added updated descriptions on her Facebook profile for two of the three dogs for whom she is seeking loving adopters:
"This is Prince who was near death and emaciated when he was pulled from a Southern CA shelter. He is now a healthy and happy pup of about 18 months with plenty of playful energy. He still has some growing to do and will likely top out at about 100lbs. He is ready for a forever home and some training! At Top Dog boarding in San Fernando CA. Contact Mary Ann 916-613-6825"

"This is Ranier aka Jameson the rottweiler who was snatched from death row in an LA shelter. He is 3 years old and a big healthy happy guy at about 115lbs. Very very gentle and sweet and never pulls on the leash. He is boarding at Top Dog in San Fernando CA and needs a forever home. Contact Mary Ann 916-613-6825"



3/27 POST:
Contact Mary Ann Martorana in Sacramento at  916-613-6825 regarding these three dogs. Her email address is: (  
Ajax is being boarded in Sacramento and is looking much better than when he was impounded at Baldwin facility in Los Angeles County
3/27 A few more generous people have added donations to the FundRazrs, which are soon to expire, but boarding costs are steep for three dogs. Any and all donations are appreciated as they add up fast if many people contribute. Thank you to those who have already donated and networked!
3/25: Mary Ann reports a kind donor is sponsoring two weeks of boarding for Ajax in Sacramento. Yay! Thank goodness for more kind donors.
3/24: I started following the saga of these three dogs after writing to Mary Ann Martorana of Sacramento to thank her for rescuing Ajax (AKA Rocky / Lucky) off death row. Ajax was a fixed stray impounded in southern California January 17th (see Facebook thread). Mary Ann then told me she rescued two others and all three are in boarding. 
Mary Ann posted last night on her Facebook profile a new photo (above) of Ajax. She says she believes the white around his eyes is vitiligo and is receding.
I am worried these three dogs who Mary Ann is boarding might possibly be returned to pounds when she has exhausted her funds (which is imminent). One is being boarded in Sacramento and two are in southern California. If there are photographers who could take current photos of the two dogs at Milan's Top Dog Resort in San Fernando CA and promote them for adoption, that would be great and so needed!!! The three are not courtesy posted on any Petfinder sites that I know of. Please offer that to Mary Ann if you can. There have been no inquiries about fostering or adopting them that I know of. Please help these three dogs who got out of Los Angeles pounds but are still very much in need of adoption ASAP!!! I don't believe all the people who pledged on Ajax' Facebook threads honored their pledges after Mary Ann rescued him---or perhaps some didn't know the outcome of A4534767 so couldn't. The three dogs' FundRazrs (which expire 3/27) have unfortunately not attracted too large or numerous donations for their boarding expenses (Ajax is around $200/week and the two in San Fernando are around $168/week for both). Please adopt, rescue, foster, donate or network these three nice Rottweilers if you can. Thank you!!!
3/23 POST:
3/23 There have not been any offers for any of the three dogs and Mary Ann is running out of money. The FundRazrs will expire on 3/27. Please rescue, adopt, foster or network for these three dear Rotties if you can. Mary Ann's email address is ( and her phone number is below.
Ajax when he was impounded in Los Angeles County facility

when Ajax was driving away from Baldwin the L.A. County pound
Here are additional pictures of Ajax to show how dramatically evident his happiness level is after getting sprung from Baldwin
3/17 POST:
Contact Mary Ann Martorana at
Contact Mary Ann 916-613-6825 to adopt or donate to boarding. Mary wrote:
  • Ok everybody I have three Rotties in boarding now that need forever homes. Ajax is here in Sacramento and the other two are still in Southern California with Milan at Top Dog. Rainer has also proven to be unfriendly towards other dogs despite his easy going personality so he can't stay here with us. Same problem with Ajax. Prince is still recovering from being very sick and seriously underweight. Here they are. Please contact me at
Thank you!
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