Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chatsworth GA: GOOD UPDATE! Press release from Sheriff


April 25, 2013
On Wednesday April 24th, 2013 Murray County Sole Commissioner Brittany Pittman announced that effective May 1st, 2013 that the Murray County Sheriff’s Office would begin to handle the day to day operations of the Murray County Animal Shelter. This move by the Commissioner is to help better serve the needs of Murray County. The goals of the Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Unit will be to comply with all state and local regulations, while addressing the needs of the county. We will continue to cooperate with licensed rescuers both locally and abroad to ensure that our “companion animals” continue to find good homes. We want it to be known that our agenda is not to be a 100% euthanasia facility. We realize that there are challenges with change, and we are looking forward to facing these challenges and keeping transparency within this newly formed unit. In keeping with transparent government we are asking that any concerned citizens come out to the community meeting regarding the newly formed Murray County Sheriff’s Office – Animal Control Unit on Saturday April 27th , 2013 at 2:00pm. The public meeting will be taking place at the Pork N Beans BBQ Restaurant located at 304 N. 3rd Ave., Chatsworth GA, 30705. During this informational meeting Sheriff Langford will introduce the new director of the Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Unit, and the new director will personally be present to answer any questions from the public. We are looking forward to this meeting session and addressing all the concerns regarding this transition.
 — at Murray County Sheriff's Office.

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Evidently a lot of folks have called - excellent work!

If you still need to call, here the number to Murray Co. Sheriff's secretary Lisa Sanford:
706-695-4592, Ext 2.

Per Lisa on Wenesday and Thursday, the Sheriff's office will take over on May 1.  She says there will still be rescue, and that the sheriff's office has hired someone from Whitfield County as new director.   Pauline, current A.C. officer, was asked to stay but she declined.
I was told I could call back around 1:00 p.m. to speak with the Sheriff with more questions, but when I called back I was told by someone else that he is not taking calls this afternoon but has instead issued the attached press release.

I have not received a reply from county commissioner Brittany Pittman to either of my 2 e-mails sent yesterday and today asking why the changes are being considered or implemented.

I still have no idea where this all came from, but from what I've heard and read, it sounds like there might still be rescue going on, but the sheriff doesn't know yet how exactly it will work because his office hasn't done it before, and he doesn't know yet what recommendations and policies will come from the new gal from Whitfield. 

I can't attend Saturday's meeting: someone please go and make a report to all of us.

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