Saturday, April 20, 2013

Downtown Los Angeles: Urgent! Super gorgeous/friendly/pregnant Siamese kitten needs immediate foster to get off streets

From: Dangerous Curve <>
Date: Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 11:12 AM
Subject: Downtown Los Angeles, CA -- Super-gorgous/friendly/pregnant Siamese kitten needs immediate foster to get off streets
To: Kathryn Hargreaves <>

A drop-dead gorgeous, super-friendly Siamese lilac-point long-hair kitten is very pregnant and must be taken off the streets immediately into foster, so her kittens can be saved.   There is very little time left, and if she has kittens in the construction zone in which she is living, they are most likely doomed.

See a Facebook album put up by the wonderful actress Dawn Cody here:
As noted there, the first attached picture is a cat that looks like her, the second is actually her.

Email us at if you know of anyone who can foster, possibly with pay.  Surely someone has a friend out there who wants to build up lots of good Karma points, or who has a poor friend who could use some extra petty cash?

We are always looking for fosters for female street cats, either tame or feral.  Time is of the essence when we see a new one, as they can get pregnant year-round as early as four months of age.   Three in four kittens often simply disappear, perhaps because of the many hazards on the street.

Fostering tame moms is so easy---you provide a snuggly box in a secluded place and they do the rest!   You just have to feed mom and put out a litterbox for her.

We need donations to continue our work feeding and vetting the community cats, but unless we can find paid fosters-adoptionators, lending your space is more useful to us than is money. 

We have not one, but two adoption venues, and kittens adopt out very easily.

You can donate at