Thursday, April 25, 2013

Houston TX:SOS! Beloved GSD/Lab puppy GOLDIE at Animal Control needs rescue right away

Urgent! Pup has been impounded in the kill shelter since April 9th! Read below what her first owner wrote! Please hurry to save her if you can!
Her ID number at BARC - a kill shelter - is A1139674 
Contact BARC to get her out: 713-229-7331
Procedures and other information re BARC
3200 Carr Street, Houston, Texas 77026
Current Hours of Operation
Sunday, 12pm - 6pm
Closed Monday
Tuesday, 12pm - 6pm
Wednesday, 12pm - 6pm 
Closed Thursday
Friday, 12pm - 6pm
Saturday, 12pm - 6pm

Following is what her first owner wrote:

On Apr 25, 2013, at 7:15 AM, Guajardo, Wuisayo wrote:
Good morning,
I am in urgent need of finding my previous dog a new owner. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to give up my 9 month old German Shepherd/lab mix. We had to move out of our house and into an apartment. We searched for a long time and were unable to find an apartment within our budget that would allow a large dog. I found a new home for my girl Goldie. We gave her to a man named Jason on March 27th. By April 9th Jason had turned her over to BARC. We found this out yesterday. We were heartbroken and called BARC to see if we can sponsor Goldie. She was a healtth 55 pounds when we thought we were giving her to a good home. She has lost a significant amount of weight. BARC told us that if their shelter is too full they kill dogs after 20 days which means she only has about 5 days. Goldie is a very loving and sweet girl. She is very well behaved. We adopted her when she was only 5 weeks old. She does have anxiety issues which is why we think her new owner gave up on her. She hates car rides and always cries. She is such a wonderful dog and I love her very much. We were in tears when we found out where she has ended up. She can no longer live with us but I will happily sponsor her if you decide to take her in. She is very fearful and shy of new people. Once she gets comfortable with you though she will love you always. Please consider taking Goldie in. My name is Wuisayo Guajardo and I can be reached at (832) 215-9259. Thank you for your time.

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