Monday, July 22, 2013

Atlanta GA: 7/24 NEW PHOTOS RE: HW+ test result for Sampson the Chow mix

7/24 Good update and new photos. Please check the FundRazr campaign to view message from Jacqui and new photos of Sampson.
Sampson with his foster family
7/22 Sampson will begin his Heartworm treatment tomorrow. He has received $265 of his goal of $575 in his FundRazr. There are 13 days left in the FundRazr. Please donate and/or share if you can. He is enjoying family life at his foster home. After his Heartworm treatments, he will probably be adopted by his foster family as they love him. 
Jacqui Purland of Atlanta rescued Sampson. She doesn't have a rescue organization or a budget, just a big heart and determination.
Thank you to all who are helping Sampson.
6/24 Jacqui has updated the FundRazr with her fabulous new message and photos! Click on the FundRazr for Sampson. When you view the photos in the gallery, make sure you click through to the end to see them all :-)
The FundRazr still has 41 more days to help with the costs of rescue, boarding and Heartworm treatment so please donate a/or share if you like.
Contact Jacqui Purland with any questions. Thanks to all who are helping Sampson.
Sampson and his Foster Boy
6/17 POST:
6/17: There is a new video and new photos in the FundRazr. What a handsome boy!
6/14: Jacqui received news back as a result of visiting the vets yesterday that Sampson tested positive for Heartworms. That means he will need to undergo treatment before he can be adopted. You can still send your applications in though!
So there are more medical and boarding expenses piling up and anyone who would like to help Jacqui is invited to do so. She may have a FundRazr up soon. CONTACT JACQUI PURLAND if you would like to join in the rescue effort and donate, or apply to adopt Sampson. Her email address is --- if you would like to foster Sampson, please ask Jacqui.

6/14: Healthy, young, energetic Sampson is still urgently looking for an adopter by this weekend! Above photo was taken after his vetting appointment on Thursday 6/13.

6/12: Sampson's story - Please click on the link for this post (URL) from time to time or Jacqui's Facebook profile to see his progress.
Sampson in boarding in Atlanta GA 
  At the moment, he is in dire need again of a rescue organization or adopter IMMEDIATELY. He will go to the vet tomorrow 6/13 in the AM to be neutered and receive the usual vaccinations. Then he needs a new place to go. The boarding where he is at the moment will not be available as of this weekend. CONTACT JACQUI PURLAND if you can save Sampson. Her email address is and her Facebook thread for Sampson is HERE
Sampson is something of an escape artist. He will need an experienced Chow person. He is a little skittish at first which is understandable considering his shelter and boarding situations. He will warm up to you after a bit.
To help Jacqui with costs of vetting and neutering, please send any gift via PayPal for vetting. Her email address for PayPal is the same as for correspondence:
So far she will be spending about $170 for vetting & neuter. Thank you for any assistance you can give Jacqui who has worked so hard to save Sampson's life and cannot stop now.

Photo during impoundment in Gwinett Co. Animal Control

6/4/13 POST:
Everybody---Please rescue or network if you can.
Jacqui Purland can pull but cannot foster him (see thread). He is rescue-only.

Jacqui Purland wrote 6/4/13:

URGENT - Young male Chow mix in Georgia last day is today. Must be out tomorrow.
I went to see him and he had a thick wire twisted around his neck, the shelter did not even know. He is not a bad boy just scared.
Please help if you are able!
Thank You!