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Waynesboro GA TO IL: MORE GOOD NEWS RE: Dog family lost home due to domestic violence situation

8/23/13 All four dogs have been adopted to great families by Magnificent Mutts of Hillsdale IL (please support them at Bravo to all who helped them!
 7/16 POST:
7/27/13: The four dogs got to Magnificent Mutts in Illinois! Hooray! Update and photos are at:
Thanks and congratulations to all who helped these dogs!
7/16/13 POST:
Samantha Holton wrote 7/16/13:
"Our Domestic Abuse doggies arrived at our vet this morning for their spay/neuters and vetting to ready them for transport to their wonderful rescue in Illinois. Magnificent Mutts, Thank you so much for offering to take not only Rocky, but Damian and Lexi as well. They are all sweethearts in every sense of the word and so ready to move on with their lives into great homes where they will never know abandonment again and will be loved and cherished. Here are a few pictures I took of the four angels yesterday. Thanks to all who have and continue to donate to their vetting and transport costs...What a wonderful and Happy ending and new beginning for these lucky dogs! ♥"
Their new photo shoot is at Girard Lifesaver Facebook page:
7/12/13 POST
Samantha wrote, "...Still need about $260 to have funds covered for boarding costs rescue of these four dogs. Transport cost are being paid by the one who offered the $100 each for transport...she is paying the whole $450..."
Please contact Samantha Holton at ( or phone number below with any questions. Thanks to all who are helping these dogs :-)
7/9/13: GOOD NEWS! Samantha has effected great rescue plans for all four dogs! Thanks to all who are helping these dogs. Please donate towards the costs if you can, and please share! Thank you! (, Jul 9, 2013 at 3:23 PM

They ALL have rescue thanks to Harriett Patterson with Rufus Rescue in Atlanta who is taking Jasper the precious white boxer mix on Friday and to Linda Latelle with Magnificent Mutts in Illinois who committed to take Rocky and has now offered to take the remaining two who had nowhere to go, Alexis and Damian. The agreement is that we will have them spay/neutered here since it is so much cheaper in the South and they be vetted. I am hoping and praying for some help with this expense as I care for so many of my own rescues and the financial responsibilities of my own animals is enormous.  I have broken down the exact costs of saving these precious dogs and deducted the sponsorships offered for them from this cost.  Still it is a lot...almost $500, but they are worth it.  These dogs lost everything, their home, the ones they loved and are so distraught and terribly confused from the transition they were forced to make.  My hope is that each of them will find the most wonderful and loving home where they are loved and accepted for the way they are, each with their own personalities, each able to start anew and to love and adore their new owners.  I cannot put into words how much I appreciate each and everyone working so hard in different ways to find a solution to the situation these dogs were in. Homeless and everything they had ever known ripped from them.  They are safe now.
They go to the vet Tuesday July 16th to be spay/neutered and from then until they leave to make their journey to a new life, they will remain in boarding at Waynesboro Animal Hospital where they will be cared for and vetted until then.  Heartfelt THANK YOU'S to everyone involved!  See below the breakdown of costs for Alexis, Rocky, and Damian.  Jasper's rescuer will be getting him neutered in Atlanta and up to date on his vaccines.
Thank You, Thank You,. Thank You!!
A BIG Thank You to Liz for the wonderful post she kept updated with each step we made up the ladder!
Permission granted to cross-post
Break down for cost 3 dogs Waynesboro, Ga. To Illinois:

Anyone wishing to help...GREATLY APPRECIATED!  Can send their donation directly to my vet: Burke County Animal Hospital  (706) 554-3111  or via  pay pal account. On my web-site at

My CPA is doing my 501 paperwork now, I am already incorporated but until approval, donations are NOT tax deductible on the donors part.  I have to pay tax's on all donations on my end until approved with IRS.


Breakdown of cost to save these dogs:

Alexis spay: $65.00
Alexis Rabies:  $15.00
Alexis Health check: $5.00
Alexis HW Ck:  $15.00

Damion:  Neuter: $55.00
Damion Rabies $15.00
Damion Health Ck  $5.00
Damion HW Ck:   $15.00

Rocky:  Rabies $15.00
Rocky Health Ck.  $5:00
Rocky HW CK:     $15.00

I will give 7 way vaccine to all three at Girard Lifesaver also will worm all three with Panacur...No Charge

BOARDING from July 16th -July 17th
Alexis and Damion first night after surgery $10:00 each
Rocky night of 16th (no surgery regular boarding cost) $15:00...Total for the three:   $35.00

Health certificate all three on one cert: $5.00

Boarding all three July 17th - July 22nd: @$15:00 per night each nights... $225.00

Transport fee $150 per dog...they pick up at my rescue and deliver to the receiving rescue (door to door) $150.00 per dog)  total transport cost $450.00

Total cost minus my donation of gas to get dogs to an from vet, food, and vaccines/wormer is: $940.

Sponsorship offered of $100. Each toward transport:  $940.00 minus the $300. Sponsorship leaves $640.00
 Minus a donation of $180 towards vetting  Leaves $460.00 I am hoping for help with in saving these four precious dogs..

Samantha Holton
Founder and Director
Girard Lifesaver Rescue, Inc.

Dogs are notorious for hope. . .  Every morning, in shelters all over America, thousands of dogs and cats awake to their last day with gladness in their hearts.

7/7/13 POST:
Contact Samantha if you can rescue, adopt, foster, donate or help in other ways! 

7/7/13: Update: Is there someone who could give Jasper a ride to Greenville SC? He has offer of a rescue there! And Rocky may still need a ride to Illinois.
7/7/13 Now this is an extreme emergency (like the whole state of Georgia with regard to pets). These dogs are equally important like all the other suffering souls there :-(
The kind lady who took them in as a stop-gap measure until someone stepped up to rescue them has been completely overwhelmed by it all and regrets that she offered. Her heart is in the right place but it is too much for her (and of course the heartbreak is too much for the dogs too). The neighbor wrote, "They won't stay in the pens, they are not eating, and lexi jumped the pen fence and got the chain tangled. I do not have the strength to deal with these dogs and I can't keep getting hurt. And I am loosing sleep out of fear of what they will do next. I check on them every 2 hours. They do not want to be outside and I just can't bring them in."
Owner's description of Damian: half Husky half German Shepard. I adopted him when he was ~ 6 months old. He is fixed and carries the trait of one blue eye one brown eye of the husky family. He is so lovable and full of energy. He loves outside, but is also housebroken and knows the sit command. He loves the vents of the AC. He loves to run and play and receive attention. 
7/6 POST:
Saturday 7/6 Recirculating again for these four great dogs whose human family has relocated. Contact Samantha if you can rescue, adopt, foster,
donate or help in other ways! Lexi the Rottweiler dug out under the fence yesterday and went back to the house she lived in up until 7/1/13. She hid underneath but was eventually discovered and brought back to where the kind neighbor has worked hard to build two pens for the homeless dogs. Whew! I don't know if a dog house or igloo has been donated. If Rocky has transport the fourth dog house/igloo wouldn't be needed. Money is needed for spay/neuter for three dogs, boarding for one or more, and other expenses. There is a PayPal button on Samantha's site if you wish to donate. Samantha has under her care ~60 rescue pets in need of great homes; please apply to adopt or forward their bios to others. Thank goodness for the kindness of all strangers who have pitched in for these four pups thus far!!! Please may others also help in this tragic situation being experienced by four great dogs. Thank you!
Owner's description of Jasper. Also called "Shorty," I got him at a year old from an abusive home. He is so sweet and protective. He hardly had fur, and I took him to the vet and got him all of his shots. He loves kids, and is good with females. He is housebroken and loves attention. He already knows how to sit. He doesn't need shots until October.
7/5: Samantha has received emails but at the moment the three dogs still need rescue. Rocky may or may not have transport lined up, it is still tentative. Samantha issued a plea on Facebook for a large dog house or igloo if anyone could deliver a used one or donate a new one, but nobody replied! One more dog house or igloo is needed; if you can provide that it would be so appreciated. Samantha is the contact. Thank you.
Update: A kind donor has made a sponsorship promise of $100 per dog for transport costs when a rescue/adopt offer is made.
Owner's description of Lexi. My Rotti, I have had her since she was 6 weeks old. She is a big love. A little shy of strangers at first but warms up nicely. Not a mean bone in her body. She is also up to date on her shots.  She has a golden heart, all she needs is a loving and caring home. She is also housebroken and knows the sit command, and will give paw time to time. She loves to be called "Mama's love." A great addition to anyone's home. Not a fighter!
Owner's description of Rocky: This little man is Rocky, a mixed breed, and a sweetheart. He also is housebroken, and knows how to sit.  He is a great family dog, and is about 3 years old.  I found him abandoned at a dumpster site in Burke County as a puppy.  I took him in, fed him, and took him to the vet.  He is due for his next shots.  He loves to lick you, play with you and give you love.  He loves attention.

7/3 Samantha Holton granted me permission to condense her message. She says crossposting is still needed. Four dogs have lost their home due to a domestic violence situation that is escalating. One has promise of rescue in Illinois but needs a way to get there. The four indoor dogs are currently in an outdoor pen, the temporary guests of a kind neighbor. The plan was that their human mom (and her daughter and granddaughter) would leave their home early this morning to stay with relatives in another state. Rescue or adoption is immediately needed for Damian, Jasper, and Lexi. There is a rescue offer for  Rocky but he needs transport to get to Illinois.

Samantha Holton is the contact. She wrote, "I only received this plea for help on Friday, so time was not on my side in trying to find immediate rescue." Her contact info is: (
Founder and Director
Girard Lifesaver Rescue, Inc.