Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bakersfield CA: Urgent. Kern Co. Animal Control Director Jen Woodard's request for help

Jen Woodard
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Date: Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 12:17 PM
Subject: Kern Updates - Please Read

Hello Fellow Animal Advocates and Rescue Partners,

As you may have heard Kern County Animal Control's Bakersfield Shelter has received an eviction notice a little over a week ago from the City of Bakersfield which requires us to vacate the premises at 201 S Mt. Vernon Avenue by September 30th. We are currently in the process of looking for a new suitable short-term/long-term option where we can safely care for and adopt and rescue our animals. We do not have a location confirmed at this time so we are reaching out to our community for assistance as well as the rescue community to help us save lives and make this transition as easy as possible on the animals.

Due to the fact that we are required to take ALL of the animals in our care when we leave on September 30th, we are faced with the overwhelming task of having to relocate anywhere from 600-700 animals. In preparation for the move and in a continued effort to save more lives, we are hoping to partner with many, many rescues to help save as many lives as possible and reduce the number of animals that we are being forced to relocate.

Below are some protocols that we have put in place to help make your job of saving lives a little bit easier.

1) Starting Sunday, September 1st and running through Monday, September 30th, Kern County Animal Control will be waiving all microchipping and rabies vaccination fees for rescue animals.
2) Our medical staff will be evaluating each animal that is on any form of medication at the time of rescue and, when possible, we will dispense the mediation to the rescue.
3) We are reducing our adoption fees at the shelter (dogs are just $15 and cats are just $5 to adopt) in order to help with adoptable animal placement as well.
4) We are temporarily extending the rescue hours to the following:

Monday 8AM - 5PM
Tuesday 8AM - 5PM
Wednesday 11AM - 7PM
Thursday 8AM - 5PM
Friday 8AM - 5PM
Saturday 8AM - 5PM
Sunday 8AM - 5PM

We encourage you to share this information with any Rescue Partners, animal advocates, networkers or other rescuers to help promote our animals and to save as many lives as possible.

Please note that we will be closed on Monday, September 2nd for the Labor Day Holiday.
Thank you for your continued support and for helping Kern County Animal Control continue to save more lives.

Thank you
KCAC Rescue Team
Jen Woodard - Director Of Kern County Animal Control