Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pendleton OR: VERY URGENT! Placement of two BONDED mini Dachshunds needed ASAP!

Hunnie (visually-impaired) and Max (leads her around sometimes)
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Date: Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 8:58 AM
Subject: Pendleton, OR - VERY URGENT!! - 3rd plea! - Placement of two BONDED mini Dachshunds needed ASAP!!
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I just called and spoke with Melanie.  She lives in Pendleton, Oregon, and her landlord is insisting she get rid of these Doxies ASAP!   They MUST go together!

Please help if you are able to.


Contact: Melanie at phone number: 541.240.1496or email her at:      (at

From: "Belle's Pit Stop"
Date: Aug 27, 2013 7:28 PM
URGENT 3rd plea!! - Placement of two BONDED Mini Dachshunds!!
Hi everyone;
Please see the super urgent plea from Melanie below.

Her landlord is at her door every day.

Her contact is phone: 541.240.1496, or email her at:

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From: Melanie Tarter
Subject: Re: 2nd plea: Placement of two mini dachshunds
Date: August 27, 2013 9:58:54 AM PDT
To: "Belle's Pit Stop"

YES!!!  I am in DESPERATE NEED for placement for these two ASAP!!!  I was telling someone yesterday who is networking for me as well, that I am up against a wall at this point!!  

I have kept them as long as possible, and now my landlord is at my door EVERY DAY!!  

I am about to be evicted, not to mention the fact that I have health issues that make it VERY difficult to take care of these babies.  

They need someone that has the time and ability to give them the attention they need and deserve!  Again, in talking with another person yesterday, I have done everything possible to keep from placing them in our local shelter, as I know they would go CRAZY not knowing where they are and all of the loud bigger's NOT what I want for them!  

ANY HELP you could provide would be so very appreciated!!!  

Thank you!

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Are these little ones still looking for a home?

Contact is Melanie: at phone number: 541.240.1496, or email her at:    (at

From: Melanie Tarter
Date: Friday, August 9, 2013
Placement of two BONDED mini Dachshunds

Hi Catherine!  
I was referred to you by Haute Dog Resort regarding two minis that I have that were my grandparents.  My grandparents were just put in to a nursing home, and were not allowed to bring them with.  I would take them, however I have not been able to talk my landlord in to allowing me.  

It breaks my heart, as well as the rest of my family, to have to do this and locate a new family for them.  I refuse to hand them over to just anyone though and they MUST be placed together.....they are very scared with all of the upset of my grandparents moving and not being there anymore and I am trying to make this transition as less stressful on them as possible.

To give you a little information on them:

Max is the red dachshund and Hunnie is the black.  They are both around the same age 6-7. Max was actually a rescue dog my grandparents got so Hunnie would have company.  He was rescued from a VERY abusive and neglectful home.  After being with my grandparents for nearly 4 1/2 yrs he still will get scared and "yelp" like he's being beat if he gets scared.  I'm sure he was starved by his previous owners just by the way he eats and how tremendously skinny he was when they got him!!  His and Hunnie's favorite place during the day was on the lap of my grandmother while she watched TV.  Hunnie they have had since a puppy.  She had an incident about two yrs ago where she injured her back and we weren't sure she was going to make it through....she did though after being sent to a person who rehabilitated her for about two months.  She lost weight and exercise and meds and was back to her playful self!!! However she has gained a tremendous amount of weight in the last 6 months which must be worked on to keep her back from going out again.  Another development within the last 4 months, is that she has went blind.  I am not sure why and have not had the money to take her to the vet.  I really don't believe it is from cataracts as there is not the obvious clouding of her eyes.  I am not a vet though.
Max and Hunnie were on a schedule while with my grandparents.  After being let out for potty break, they went to bed between 9-9:30 pm every night, in which they were crated.  It got to the point where the dogs would come to them ready for bed!!  It was cute to watch!  They have been crated at nighttime and let out in the morning, usually between 6-7 am, in which they were ready to go out and go potty right away.  After coming in they are fed and given a treat.  From then on through the day they sat with my grandma until it was time for dinner, around 5-6 pm.  They would eat at the same time as my grandparents...and of course they got a treat at dinner time too.  

Anyway, I kind of feel like I am rambling on, but I want you to know what wonderful dogs they are, and that they have been very well taken care of.  This is what I want to continue for them.  

They rely on each other now.  Max actually guides Hunnie around at times.  It is very cute to watch.  They love to be cuddled and need a home where people are going to be able to give them time and attention.  I am DESPERATELY hoping you can help me out with this!!!

If you could please either respond via email or telephone to let me know if this is something you could help with I would greatly appreciate it.  Right now they are at my home and my landlord has given me a time limit of Wed to find a place for them.  I have also attached a picture so you can see what they look like, what adorable sweeties they are!!

Thank you for your time and I anxiously await your response!

You can contact me by phone at: 541.240.1496, or email me at:    (at

Melanie Tarter

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