Monday, February 17, 2014

Southern California: 2/17 STILL IN NEED! RE: Adopt Brother Shar Pei / Labrador Seniors impounded after owner's death, then adopted, then returned :-(

Paleface and Snowblind are still seeking their forever home. Please help these two delightful brothers find home. 

1/11/14 POST
Their freedom photo with Dayna in Sept 2013
1/11/14 Nice dogs!!! Bonded pair. Owner died in August. Impounded at kill shelter, fostered, adopted, returned to foster. Still seeking forever home!
Paleface and Snowblind are brothers and best friends who have been together their whole lives. Please may they be adopted together. 

Paleface is a total lovebug. He is a very mellow dog.

Snowblind is a sweet boy. Loves to cuddle. Does a little dance (like a jig) when he is excited to see you.
Dayna Breman wrote on Facebook 1/11/14: to foster or Adopt. My 3 fosters really would like to find a Forever home. Paleface is 6 yrs young, his brother Snowblind is 5 yrs. They are Pei-Lab mix and sweet as can be. JOEY is 2 years old and just a love. All 3 boys have been neutered, had their shots, and are microchipped. They have all be taught the command "NO Cats"  They turn their head & look away like good boys now. If insterested in Adopting or fostering these 3 or any of the dogs on my wall please PM me. Thanks Dayna 
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Joey is two-year-old, lovey Shar Pei / Shepherd

12/18/13 POST
Snowblind and Paleface were adopted together in October and lived in an assisted living facility, but they 
returned in December to foster mom Dayna. Please foster or adopt them if you can. Here is a Facebook photo/thread for them, and you may reach Dayna at or 
On Chinese Shar Pei Network Adopt-a-Pet:

9/4/13 POST

Pale Face and Snow Blind are safe and will go to vet for shots and neuter

To honor pledges or to donate to their care please click on and say for Pale Face and Snow Blind or paypal to

Thank you!

 8/30 update:

Dayna Breman Is there a 501c3 Rescue that can pull & back these two?? Come on people put some pledges up to save them I really, really can't Let them die. I just called & bought them some time with APVY shelter. I said I would foster both so someone please help. We don't have long.
8/29 POST:

click for info -

San Bernardino DogsDayInn Apple Valley HiGHLY CRITICAL. Bonded pair. Owner died.

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