Friday, September 27, 2013

Whiteville NC: Rottweiler/Chow Cherokee AKA Rex STILL AWAITS RESCUE

9/27/13: Please keep sharing for Cherokee AKA Rex and the other stranded dogs.
Please share Cherokee (formerly Rex) for rescue. 
9/24/13: Per email to me today from the volunteers at Urgent Dogs of Columbus County Animal Shelter, NC, Rex is STILL at South Robeson Animal Clinic in Whiteville NC (abandoned by so-called rescuers---see below) needing rescue!!! He is Heartworm+. Thank goodness the vet is so accommodating.

His tale has been a very sad one indeed. Seven or more dogs supposedly rescued from Columbus County Animal Shelter were abandoned at one or more vet's.
One of the problem rescue groups was Paw in Hand which was or is operating out of Raymond NH and was visited by the authorities in NH:

Rex also had the experience of heat stroke but beat the odds and recovered.

Here is a photo/thread relating to Rex and other STRANDED DOGS.

IF YOU CAN RESCUE OR FOSTER OR ADOPT Cherokee (formerly Rex), please contact 
Urgent Dogs of Columbus County Animal Shelter, NC  To reach them, message them on Facebook or email with serious inquiries or offers!

Here is a relevant Examiner article from September 12, 2013:

With regard to the dogs described in the Examiner article above, Volunteer Lynn in Whiteville NC confirmed for me September 24, 2013 that:

Tulip, Lily and Apache - the three hounds - are in rescue now. The others are all still in need, and we believe there is one more dog there that isn't on the list yet.
We can assist a rescue who is interested in taking any of these dogs, but people can also contact the vet directly if they'd prefer.
Thanks so much for working on them!

Many dogs and cats need rescue so please keep comments on Facebook and elsewhere productive and time-efficient toward that end.

8/2 I just saw the Facebook thread saying transport vehicle broke down. Now named "Rex" he was left in hot vehicle 1-1/2 hours and suffered severe heatstroke. I don't know what the prognosis is as of this moment. See FB photo/thread.

7/29/13 POST:

(click for thread)

7/27 POST

Urgent Dogs of Columbus County Animal Shelter, NC $265 in pledges, can anyone foster??
7/20/13 POST:
He has been there since 7/12
All the dogs at Columbus County Animal Shelter are at risk because it is a small rural shelter with constant intakes.
The Code Red album has photos placed in order of most urgency, the topmost being the most in danger.
Whiteville is in Columbus County which is on the border with South Carolina.
The rescue process is clearly explained at the heroic volunteers' Facebook page Urgent Dogs of Columbus County, NC
Pledges are necessary, as is a rescue organization. He has $100 so far in pledges, but I don't see any rescue interest for him yet.

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