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Houston TX: Urgent! Rescue or Adopt Two BONDED little Puppy Boys who fended for themselves on streets

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Everyone wants someone to have their back when things are rough.  But when little puppies have such a need, it’s a pretty sorry state of affairs.  But, that’s what Nino and Crush had to work with:  a life where sleeping in the middle of a dry street was a good day, a life where eating some kibble out of an old Clorox-bottle bowl was a treat, a life where their pregnant mother tried to keep them safe from other dogs.  So, it’s no wonder these kiddos are very bonded. 
Nino and Crush got a temporary inside-living situation, and they are lovable, playful and happy boys.  But, the family urgently needs to rehome them.  The dogs are only 12 lbs. each, so they are true little lap dogs.  At 9 months of age, they have years of antics to charm you with, they are fully vaccinated, heartworm negative and on Heartguard.  Nino and Crush have come a long way.  It would be a terrible shame if they had to go to BARC, which is the family’s only option at this time.  If you can help, please contact Earline asap at  And please pass this on!

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