Monday, December 9, 2013

Los Angeles CA: 12/9 Urgent. Please Adopt, Foster or Share the alert RE: Leo the Siamese who is healthy, 15, and lonely living in the garage

As of 12/9, Leo's dad still feels bad that Leo is all alone in the cold and getting colder garage. He has had one inquiry but from very far away. Isn't there any qualified adopter near Los Angeles who would like to give Leo all the lovin' and warm shelter he deserves??? Please inquire with Kris Kelly ASAP
12/3 POST

Contact Kris Kelly at if you can help Leo

Kris Kelly
The Kris Kelly Foundation
December 1

Thank you for getting back to me.
I know that rescue agencies are 100% focused on saving pets at the highest risk. Very few will accept a pet from a private home.
I have the most beautiful and wonderful Siamese cat, Leonardo. He is an awesome kitty who is fifteen years old. He is very vocal and clingy.
I am a single dad with two teenage sons that go to High School. We have two dogs and a cat. Unfortunately, I became ill about 18 months ago, stopped working, and every day has become a struggle. The dogs torment the cat to the point where I had to move him to the garage. It was in everyone’s best interest. I just couldn’t play peacekeeper all day.
Leo is fine in the garage. No one bothers him and he has lots to play and explore. He is very spry for an old man. However, he is alone in a dark garage and getting almost zero interaction with people. I go out and sit with him when I can. If we have to go somewhere in the car he just cries and cries when he sees us driving away. I just feel so bad that he has no one to pay him any attention. He lived through a lot with me and I just want him to be happy and loved. I don’t want him to die alone in the garage. Sometimes I am down for several days and no one looks in on him. The dogs are easy as the kids and the dog walker can help. I am the only cat person in the house.
I would love for Leo to have a wonderful place to grow older, be loved and cherished. I don’t have many other options. That kitty is going to outlive us all.
I am not sure if this is something you are able to help with or not? I would do whatever I could to make it an easier transition. You are the only agency I reached out to because of your website and local Beverly Hills affiliation.

Thank you for listening.


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