Sunday, January 12, 2014

West Virginia: CHEMICAL SPILL. State of emergency

From - Chemical Guesswork in West Virginia 
1/11/14: From ThinkProgress, tweeted by AnimalWiseRadio---The 6 Most Terrifying Facts About The Chemical Spill Contaminating West Virginia’s Drinking Water
1/10 POST
Excerpt from the WSAZ.COM news article linked below:
According to a news release, the leak happened at Freedom Industries in Charleston. The leaked product is 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol, which is used in the froth flotation process of coal washing and preparation.
The chemical is believed to have leaked into the Elk River.
West Virginia American Water believes the material is hazardous, but is not lethal in it's current form.
FEMA has been contacted to bring clean water into the area.
An Associated Press coverage of the spill is at:

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Subject: EMERGENCY in West Virginia - Coal washing Chemical spill

This was just verified on FOX News.

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EMERGENCY in WV - Coal washing Chemical spill

5 Counties are affected.

WEST VIRGINIA; Kanawh, Lincoln, Putnam, Jackson, and Boone. 

No water to be used.  This chemical cannot be boiled out.  Water only used for bathroom toilets.

5 county animal shelters will need animals evacuated.

Wildlife and all farm animals are affected.  No water for anyone. 

Please be prepared to help!!