Friday, March 21, 2014

Houston TX: GOOD NEWS! RE: Urgent. Kind foreign student tended stray cats for 4 years & fostered 8 of them indoors. Now needs rescue for the 8 within 10 days.

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Dear Cat rescuer,
I just want to thank the real Angels of the Lord who were helped me taking care of my kitties and resettle them for adoption or foster care.
I personally am proud of getting to know such people who are alive and awakened. My special thanks go to Gayle Morris, Debra, Sandy, Sue, Thoa, Andrea, Sondra, Liz Marshall and other Angels that cannot remember their names here and I would say that i am proud of you ladies, God bless you all and wish you success in your endeavor in supporting stray cats
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"They are all healthy, neutered with the documents and domesticated with me.
So please help me I have only 10 days to move to Oklahoma City."

From: Gail C
Date: Sat, Mar 1, 2014 at 11:52 AM
Subject: Need Help please.... kind samaritan needs help
Forward to any rescuers that you Eric.
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Date: March 1, 2014 at 1:45:49 AM CST

Subject: help request

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Dear Animal helpers,
I am a foreign student and have been living in Houston since the last four years. From the very first days that I came to this city in spite of all my financial difficulties and the opposition and treats of my neighbors to leave my efficiency, I started feeding the stray cats twice morning and nights around the dumpster and then in our neighborhood just because I could not see them suffering from hunger.
In the cold winter time sometimes I had to wake up at 2 am. in order to feed them without anyone disturbing me. Fortunately with the help of the Lord I could manage to neuter and feed almost all of them over this time period. Despite there was no enough space even for myself in my efficiency I have also fostered and taken care of eight kittens indoor. Everything went on smoothly until about a week ago that I was called to move to Oklahoma City for a job position and unfortunately have nobody to take care of them here in Houston. Since I had nobody here at first I thought I can still keep them and drive back on weekends to feed them but now I realized that it is impossible for me financially to rent 2 different places in 2 different states at the same time.
Last week I took 2 of them to a shelter but they said nobody might adopt them so they might be euthanized, so I drove with them back since I have taken care of them like my own children not animals and they have become so attached to me that they all sleep on my only bed.
Curly Tail
So I reached out to you and anybody that can help me as the last resort. There are 8 cats .One is 6 years old and is disable and limping which I am sure is going to die if I let him go the rest are 2 years old and I rescued them when they were just a few days old which were left abandoned in a box right outside my neighborhood .They are all healthy, neutered with the documents and domesticated with me.
So please help me I have only 10 days to move to Oklahoma City. I can also pay for their food permanently
God bless you
Whoever saves even one life has already saved the whole world
Please help me
Eric Adibi