Monday, April 14, 2014

Clarksville TN: URGENT. Sanctuary Shutdown - 6 DOGS REMAINING

From: "Humane Society of Clarksville-Montgomery Co." <>
Date: April 13, 2014 at 12:37:27 AM CDT
Subject: URGENT: Sanctuary Shutdown - 6 DOGS REMAINING - Clarksville, TN


We see it all too often... rescues that start out well-intentioned but eventually become overburdened to the point of shutdown. This rescue/sanctuary in CLARKSVILLE, TN (located just 45 minutes north of Nashville) has operated mostly under the radar except by word of mouth for several years. The senior couple is unable to keep up with the workload any longer due to mounting health issues including an up & coming back surgery. Their situation has been further complicated because they are losing their home through no fault of their own. They are in process of moving out of state & there are just 6 dogs remaining that we need to find homes for. All animals have been spayed-neutered and kept on monthly ivermectin to ward off heartworms, but that's it.

All of the dogs shown below are still in desperate need of rescue pulls
or adopters NO LATER THAN THURSDAY, 4/14/14. (We started out with 22 dogs & 50 cats).
We can likely assist with transportation.
Reply to this email if you can help any of these babies in any way! THANK YOU!!

ACER - neutered male pit bull, 70#, 3 yrs old, crate trained. Would probably be best in an only dog home or paired with a female & experienced handler. He arrived with a horrible botched ear crop that was still bleeding.
MAEKA - spayed female red-nosed pit bull mix, 55#, 2 yrs old, crate trained, does well with male dogs, friendly with people, loves to play. We have video of Maeka upon request.
COPPER & LEXI – 3 year old purebred yellow lab littermates, both fixed, crate & house trained. Male (right) is about 80#; female (left) is about 70#. Great with other dogs. The sanctuary was boarded these dogs for a soldier serving in Afghanistan, but unfortunately, he was killed overseas. Because of this, the sanctuary owner WILL NOT separate these dogs and will ONLY consider ADOPTION for them. I can't get him to budge.L  Video available upon request.
JAKE - neutered male black lab/GSD mix, 85#, 8 yrs old, lots of energy but no bad habits. Gets along with other dogs & people, too.  Cages on command. Needs to lost about 10 lbs. or so.
ROCKY - neutered male mixed breed, 40#, 1-1/2 yrs old, crate trained, athletic. Okay with other dogs. Can climb a chain link fence & jump onto a doghouse roof about 5 ft. off the ground.

Amy Shaver, Executive Director
Saving the world... one homeless pet at a time!