Sunday, April 27, 2014

DOWNEY CA: GOOD NEWS! RE: New pics. $105 pledged so far. RE: MAMA SUNFLOWER + 4 - GORGEOUS, SUPER SWEET & RARE 1 y/o female orange tabby + 4 healthy babies needs pledges

​On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 5:30 PM, Lili Geyelin <> wrote:
Thank you Dani Ryan/MeoowzResQ and pledgers!!!!
Pledge email to follow. :-)
4/27 - Lili reports rescue has been secured for Mama Sunflower and family. Yay! Thanks all who crossposted! If I see further details re family's rescue, I will add them here. 
On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 4:37 PM, Lili Geyelin <> wrote:
She's trying so hard to nurture and care for her 4 babies. Such a good mom.
They're in the adoptables bldg, which is some consolation, as bldg 9 is chaotic mess, jammed with cats (many healthy, friendly and beautiful) from the hoarder who dumped ​79 cats/kittens on the 22nd. The existing cats and kittens who were there before the massive dump will be killed for space with 189 cats/kittens (1/2 are tiny kittens) now at Downey.
$105 pledged so far.

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Subject: MAMA SUNFLOWER + 4 - GORGEOUS, SUPER SWEET & RARE 1 y/o female orange tabby + 4 healthy babies DOWNEY SHELTER needs pledges
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From Kehri: "Very friendly and social stunning fluffy orange one-year old mommy 4698749 has four off the charts plump gorgeous babies (Downey says 6 weeks but that seems high) came in 4/20, available 4/24."
Kehri took this beautiful family's pics yesterday and said: "as soon as she saw me she plopped down to come talk. her kittens look fantastic and look like orange and tiger tabby models."

Someone dumped 79 (50-100 tiny kittens!!!!) cats at Downey on 4/22 and now the existing families and adults are at huge risk!!


*****If you can help with the Sunflower family's rescue, please reply here or contact Lili at
I will manage pledges and help by arranging pull and transport!*****

A4698749 Direct shelter line during business hours (562)658-2085 Call Center 24 hrs (562)940-6898

Please help by pledging, networking and of course, rescuingNetworking saves lives!!

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