Monday, April 21, 2014

DOWNEY CA: 4/21 TOO LATE. RE: 4/20 STILL THERE! $200 pledged. MAMA VIOLET. Babies gone now. GORGEOUS 1 Y/O BLUE TABBY, owner dumped 4/4, delivered BABIES 4/10, EXTENSION UP

4/21 It seems the shelter has now killed Violet :-(
4/20 POST
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Babies are all gone :-(
Mama Violet is still showing in the database as alive and available.*****PLEASE PLEDGE TOWARDS HER RESCUE AND NETWORK LIKE CRAZY!!!****If you can help with HER rescue, please  contact Volunteer Kathy Warner at
4/18 POST
4/18 BEYOND URGENT. Where is the savior for beautiful Violet and her 3 gorgeous kittens? HELP!
4/14 POST
On Sun, Apr 13, 2014 at 7:56 PM, Lili Geyelin <> wrote:

Ally Sims took this photo today, 4/13.
Another fantastic mom. Beautiful Violet is sweet and serene, taking the shelter chaos all in stride. Great, attentive mom! 
$200 pledged so far.
4/13 POST
$95 pledged so far

From: Lili Geyelin <>
Date: Sat, Apr 12, 2014 at 8:49 PM
Subject: MAMA VIOLET + 3 - GORGEOUS 1 Y/O BLUE TABBY, owner dumped 4/4, delivered 4/10, EXTENSION UP TODAY 4/12 DOWNEY SHELTER

Violet was callously discarded at Downey shelter, 6 days away from delivering 3 healthy, beautiful mimi-me's yesterday afternoon.
She's only 1 yr old, just a teenager herself.
Her extension expired today - this adorable family can be killed anytime!!

If you think you can help, please don't waste a second! Email me!!

WE NEED TO FIND A PLAN ASAP! So far all healthy and doing well.
There are currently 11 families at Downey.
Some became moms at the shelter.
Downey staff is telling us they want the families out.

*****If you can help with their rescue, please reply here or contact Lili at
Between 4/14 - 4/22, please contact Kathy Warner at

We will manage pledges and help by arranging pull and transport!*****

A4693093 Direct shelter line during business hours (562)658-2085 Call Center 24 hrs (562)940-6898

Please help by pledging, networking and of course, rescuingNetworking saves lives!!

Downey Animal Rescue Team
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