Saturday, April 19, 2014

Downey CA: URGENT! $60 pledged so far. Handsome Kitty JACK A4696002 has URI in HIGH KILL SHELTER! Needs OUT ASAP!

A shelter vet said that there is some sneezing and hypersalivation and the cat is dehydrated and congested. 
Jack AKA Jackpot is on meds for URI but is in danger of being put to death due to this being a high-kill shelter.  
He needs rescue ASAP and to go straight to vet.
Contact Volunteer Kathy Darnell-Warner <> re pledging.
From: Kathy Darnell-Warner <>
Date: April 19, 2014 at 1:04:32 PM PDT
To: Kathy Darnell-Warner <>
Subject: URGENT!!!!!  Very Sick needs OUT of Shelter ASAP!!!!    A469 6002
JACK is Gorgeous and in Dire need of medical care...He started receiving Meds yesterday, but today he is open-mouth breathing.  
These pictures are heartbreaking.  
JACK needs help and out of Downey ASAP.  

Downey Direct:  562-658-2085
After Hours:  562-940-6898 
Jack was impounded 4/12/14

Kehri Dunn took this photo of Jack on 4/13 or 4/14