Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hamilton IL: OVERWHELMED! All shelter dogs STILL NEED RESCUED!! Please help save them!

From: Anissa Sadeghi <westhancockk9@mchsi.com>
Date: Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 6:23 AM
Subject: OVERWHELMED! Hamilton IL: All shelter dogs STILL NEED RESCUED!! Please help save them!

Hamilton, IL: We have MORE DOGS then we can help on our own. WE NEED HELP!!  We have dogs in boarding and piling up at animal controls here.  I am terrified not all are going to make it and I don't know what else to do.  PLEASE I AM BEGGING you for help to save as many as we can.  If you can help, please contact westhancockk9@mchsi.com  If anyone can help with all our boarding charges that are piling up, please contact our vet clinic 217-847-3911 directly.  We have 4 dogs boarding right now!
More breeder releases coming in this week too!!  We don't have any pictures of these dogs yet.
2 boston terriers 2-5 yrs. old. 1 male one female.
2 female maltese   09, 10,
5 yr, old female black lab.
2 yr, old chespeake male, not working out for hunting, gun shy.
3 female bichons  3-6 yrs. old.
7 yr. old male yorkie ( if it shows up)
         1 male toy poodle  D.O.B.    11/14/08
         1 female toy poodle             12/20/06
         1 male large miniature poodle  3/3/11
         1 female large miniature poodle 11/8/08
         1 male pomeranian  D.O.B.  4/25/13   he is large  black/white parti
         1 female pomeranian          7/9/06 
         1 female chihuahua     7/22/04
Shihtzu male 6yrs
2 female Shihtzus 8yrs old ("still act as if they are pups, they are silly dogs")
NEW DOG! Henderson County Animal Control: Female mix, 28lbs, 8 months old.
Keokuk, IA: City animal control.  The dogs below will be PTS if not rescued, they are over their time limit.  Help needed to save them. 
$150 sponsorship for the pair! (sorry, couldn't figure out how to turn the pictures!!!) These two shepherd/retriever/chow mix brothers, approx. 3 1/2 yrs of age, were surrendered to the city kill facility ... they can be euthanized immediately!  They are both nice boys ... a little shy but very loving and give kisses once they know you can be trusted.  (Previous owner was a major jerk!).  This first guy, he was called "Dog", is a little more reserved than his brother ...  Weight approx. 45 lbs.
$85 sponsorship…This is Tom, a young (approx. 2 yrs) lab possibly Mastiff mix.  This isn't a very good photo of him ... he looks kind of mean here but he is really a love. He was picked up as a terribly emaciated stray.  He has gained some weight and is looking so much better.  Tom is a laid back guy & loves people but is terribly afraid of other dogs :-(.   70 lbs approx. weight. 
York and Yancy ... these two boys are obviously brothers, picked up as strays. They are husky/shepherd mix or maybe Aust. Cattle dog mix?  They are young and fun-loving.  Approx. 1 yr. in age ... 40 lbs each.

Carthage, IL: 4/20/14 Hancock County Dog Pound.  These wonderful dogs are all strays that will be PTS if not rescued.  If you can help rescue, adopt or sponsor, please contact westhancockk9@mchsi.com All good with other dogs. Cats, kids, housebroke unknown.
$75 sponsorship!! Buddy, male beagle mix, 1yr old, 30lbs. Super sweet and well behaved, loves everyone!
$85 sponsor-Molly, ??? not sure what she is a mix of. 1yr old, docked tail, 30ish lbs, beautiful big brown eyes. 
Northeast MO: (IL border)-Canton and Kahoka MO:  All dogs below will be PTS if not rescued. 
 Caesar, 2.5 husky mix, very sweet boy and fine with other dogs.  Owner moved.

This little guy is AWESOME!  He is 4.5lbs!!  He is 5yrs old. Super sweet and is all tail wags.
Anissa Sadeghi-West Hancock Canine Rescue
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