Friday, April 25, 2014

Houston TX: Still need rescue. Mom + 3 kittens who are 3-4 weeks were going to be turned out!

The latest I have heard is that they are being held safe by someone (I don't know who) but still need rescue. I am not a contact. Thanks to all who are networking them! Please contact Ashley if you can rescue the family. She is doing a Great Dane activity today so be patient if you don't hear back immediately. Here is the email exchange:
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Louise is correct. I am working on getting 2 Great Dane pups for my group today and will be in and out of pocket....

Subject: Fwd: lizardmarsh:Houston TX: Last Call. Being turned out! Mom + 3 kittens who are 3-4 weeks. Need rescue!
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I believe someone is holding them but still need rescue.  Ashley can better answer this, she is the go  between of this situation 
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Subject: Houston, Texas Last Call: Being turned out Mom and 3 kittens who are 3-4 weeks need rescue
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Subject: Last Call: Being turned out Mom and 3 kittens who are 3-4 weeks need rescue
The lying, lazy finder is going on vacay tomorrow and plans to turn them out in the morning. Can anyone take them? Last Call!!
Houston: The finder found the mom super pregnant. She's giving away the 3 kittens at 3-4 weeks even though they are still nursing. She has started them on wet food "so they won't need to nurse". They are living in her garage, but being offered free and separately, just to make them go away.