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Houston TX: FOLLOW UP. Reputable rescue needed for TWO KITTENS. RE GOOD NEWS! RE: Young orange mom cat + 2 kittens were left behind when family moved. New tenant will shoot if they return to house.

1 male & 1 female kitten (approx 5wks) need rescue & foster as soon as they are fully weaned. (Vetting sponsored.)(only one photo here)CONTACT is DeeAnn Schank at or phone 713-203-6904.

On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 1:41 PM, Zoila <> wrote:
These precious kittens and their mother were saved from a bad situation after the owner of the house moved out and left the family abandoned. DeeAnn with big heart took them in the whole 3, but she has no financially support and all she wants is now a REPUTABLE RESCUE GROUP to sponsor the kittens when they are ready to be adopted, she will support with vetting, she asked me for help to spread between rescuers. PLEASE SHARE AND I HOPE A GROUP can help her and the kittens to find a good home after all. She plans keep the mom since is a very good cat and is doing a good job as a mom. Please read below what she said about the kittens. Anything contact her DIRECLTY!! I’M JUST CROSSPOSTING FOR HER!.
Thank you!!
Can you please pass them off to a rescue when they are weaned. (Their mama is nursing two other orphans, so I will probably end up keeping her for good, even after those wean. She is a sweet little gal & has really been a trouper We are looking at having to move in the next few months, so I want to get these babies situated. 1 male & 1 female kitten (approx 5wks) need rescue & foster as soon as they are fully weaned. (Vetting sponsored.) The tabby grey is the female...Sybil... She has a little orange on her face, too. The male is trying to eat dry food now, too, so they will definitely be ready to go to a foster &/or adoptive home soon. I just want to know they get fixed & will be taken care of. It would be wonderful if they could stay together, but I know it doesn't always happen. I call the orange one Basil & the multi-colored one Sybil. (Is there such a thing as a "party mix" tabby. share with all reputable rescuers. I will sponsor their remaining vetting if someone can give them a comfy place to sleep and a safe place to roam a little.
CONTACT is DeeAnn Schank at or phone 713-203-6904.
Zoila R Novoa
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4/24/14 POST
Later 4/24---Good news! Thanks to all who crossposted! Thanks to at least three people I know of who stepped up to help Louise and the kind neighbor who put out the alarm for this family. Monica of Abandoned Animal Rescue and Debbie Bleifield and Marie Garza all offered physical rescue, and Debbie offered fundraising efforts via her vet in Humble! The family is going to be in care of LMN Feline Rescue (Louise' organization) with support as needed from Monica and Debbie. Yay rescuers!
As of two hours ago, Louise says there has been NO RESPONSE! Please help if you can. Thank you!
4/23 POST

The lady who contacted Louise lives in Huffman which is a small town outside of Houston. On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 3:28 PM, <> wrote:

This young mom and her two kittens were left behind, when the family moved. The neighbors are trying to help her by keeping her in a cage because the new tenant has told them if she comes back to the house, he will shoot her.  Can someone help her and her new babies, only 2 of them about 10 days old.  I have contact info, if anyone can step up for this family.
LMN Feline Rescue

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