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Los Angeles CA: Alfie's Story - “‘Tis Better to have loved and lost"

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Subject: FW: Alfie's Story - "'Tis Better to have loved and lost" - Los Angeles, CA
Please Network! - Broken hearted, sweet older dog needs Foster/Adopter in L.A. area ASAP!

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Subject: Alfie's Story - "'Tis Better to have loved and lost" - Los Angeles, CA

"'Tis Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"
                                                                          Alfred Lord Tennyson

 After many years of living in a rescue facility,  a couple of months ago, Alfie finally found his FOREVER FOSTER HOME, (meaning his foster mom would keep him for the rest of his life but our rescue would be responsible for any medical bills).

Actually, Trish found Alfie, a handsome senior, on Petfinder and it was instant love. On both sides! Alfie had been living in at a rescue facility for a long time.  Born to a feral mom, all of his siblings became confident, happy dogs and got adopted, Alfie is the most sensitive and was always a bit shy, so finding him just the right home was very important. 

Alfie is not a difficult dog but has broken all records for placement!  This home was our fifth attempt!!! The first two homes didn't work out because he was scared of the husbands, so we decided to place him into a women-only household. The third home changed her mind last minute, the fourth home had a cat and Alfie and the cat just didn't like each other. 

But all of that was in the past and Alfie was finally home with Trish, enjoying lots of walks every day and lots of snuggles and love at home.

Almost two months after Alfie had moved into his wonderful new life with Trish, disaster struck!  Trish, who had not been feeling well,  called our rescue to say she had to go into hospital and asked if we could take Alfie back until she got back on her feet.  Of course, we did.

Even while she was feeling so bad in hospital, Trish was more concerned about missing Alfie than her own condition! 

I spoke with Trish from time to time, but then got an e-mail from her friend, that she was in INTENSIVE CARE!!   I rushed to the hospital, but Trish was not responsive. She was on a breathing tube and sedated. 

I asked hospital staff if we could bring Alfie to see her, but sadly we couldn't, so we made a video of Alfie to take to her. I played it for her, but don't know if she could hear it, as she was still unconscious.  I got the impression from hospital staff, even then, that she would recover.

Sadly, Trish passed away on Friday, March 28th,  at only 53 years old. 

Trish and I had become friends through Alfie's adoption. She was a very warm, loving, special person and she gave Alfie the home he had waited so patiently for and in return, he gave her unconditional love, something she said she had always longed for.  
Alfie and I will never forget Trish.

Now, Alfie, confused and heartbroken, needs someone else to care for him.  Someone who will give him the love and attention he craves and in return, he will give the best he has to give -- devotion, loyalty and the companionship of a loving dog! 

Please help Alfie find his new foster or adoptive home, in memory of Trish -- who loved him very much.

PLEASE NETWORK ALFIE TO FIND HIM ANOTHER FOSTER / ADOPTIVE HOME! (ALFIE gets along with other dogs, but no cats, please and he should be in a WOMEN HOUSEHOLD only).

Thank you,

Ingrid    (not  .com)