Friday, August 22, 2014

Hawthorne CA: Rescuer needs to urgently place 30+ highly adoptable cats who are currently staying in her townhome, plus 10 wild kitties need backyards.

8/22/14 STATUS QUO. STACY STILL HAS ALL THE CATS. THEY ALL STILL NEED PLACEMENT. PLS HELP.  Please go to the Petfinder courtesy posts for some of them at their Pinterest board and click thru to see each of their PetNotes. Pinterest is easy to share from and very popular. CONTACT STACY POLK AT CHEVYCHIK2004@YAHOO.COM REGARDING THESE AND HER ADDITIONAL CATS. 
4/12/14 POST
The City of Hawthorne is near Los Angeles
Stacy is diligently scrambling to avoid foreclosure. I pinned Petfinder info for eight cats and Piglet the Chihuahua (referenced in Stacy's message below) on a Pinterest Board called Stacy Polk's Cats at:

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From: "Stacy Polk" <>
Date: Apr 2, 2014 10:43 PM
Subject: My cats............

I know I've asked before, but am asking again.  I have 51 cats and will be losing a place to keep them.  I don't want to send them to the shelter, but I'm losing options.  

I have 30+ that are highly adoptable, but I have to get them out of my townhome soon. I don't want to take them to the shelter, but may not have a choice.  I've tried seeking help from other rescuers, but no responses.

I have another 10 that I would consider mine for various reasons and another 10 that are wild and need backyards.

I've tried desperately to find homes, but petfinder is not getting me any hits.  The townhome has to be made ready to rent so I don't lose my home, but that puts my kitties at risk.  I can bring some to my moms where I'm living most of the time caring for her and have already brought over 5 or 6 to live with my mom's 4 kitties. 

Could you all send out my plea for help to everyone on your distribution lists.  Maybe we can find people to take some of my most adoptable kitties and I'll worry about the ferally ones. 

Over the years I've offloaded kitties from others' in rescue and I'm now asking for the same help.  I know it's kitten season....the worst time of the year, but I've hung in there as long as I can. I still struggle just to feed them and buy litter.  I can't continue anymore.

I suppose I might have to transfer the feral ones to the shelter first if I can't get help with the adoptable babies. It breaks my heart to have to ask this, but after losing a place to show my cats they are now all at risk.  

Thanks in advance for anything you can do to send folks my way to help.

I have six on Petfinder under Whiskers 'N Tails Foundation.  Their names are Mindy, Sheila, Wednesday, Bouncer, Danny Boy, Minnie, Trixie and Weezy.  Also a chihuahua named Piglet.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Stacy Polk