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MANNFORD OK: Passing of rescue director leaves 44 (FORTY FOUR) dogs in need of rescue-GSD's, PYRs, HUSKIEs, CATs & MORE

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Subject: FW: MANNFORD, OK/ Passing of rescue director leaves 44 dogs in need of rescue* GSD's, PRYs, HUSKY-xs, CATS & MORE
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To contact Safe Haven, you may respond to this email, or email You may also call
Stephanie Powell at 918-902-9078, or Janet O'Connor at 918-576-3855.

Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 21:53:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: Stephanie Powell <>
Subject: Passing of rescue director leaves behind dogs in need

My name is Janet O'Connor, current Director of Safe Haven German Shepherd Rescue from Mannford, Oklahoma. Sadly, our previous Director, and my good friend Stephana Calcote passed away a short time ago. I am writing in respect to her wishes regarding the fur babies in our care. First of all, let me thank you for taking your valuable time to read this letter.

It was very important to Steph that if something ever happened to her, all of our four-footed friends would be taken care of. She did not want them carted off by the Sherriff's dept. to the nearest animal shelter and put to sleep! Over time, she has networked with many groups, and that is why I am reaching out to you all during this trying time.

In losing her, we not only lost a close friend, founder and director,  but the rescue  group  is now left in a precarious position  with an uncertain future.  Safe Haven GSD rescue  is located out in the country in Mannford. It is not unusual to find a dog tied to the gate now and then, or simply put over it. The dogs have survived harsh winters, brutal summers, periods of time with low donations,  and even wildfires. The last one you may have even seen on the news. With the loss of our home and sadly, some of our fur babies, we still managed to rebuild and carry on with some help.

As I assess my present situation, my thoughts are turned to the welfare of the dogs in my care. Though I had been working part time to be able to help Steph and take care of them, I now must go to work full time. As much as I love them, though their physical needs are met, I will be unable to give them the amount of interaction and attention they have become used to.

Also, with the loss of Steph's income, I am not sure what is going to happen regarding my home and the land where we now reside. You see, it is all in her name. Therefore, in the best interests of my canine companions here, I am faced with the task of placing them with other rescues where they can find their forever homes rather than waiting here should the worst happen. Even if I find a way to stay here, I am unsure as to when I will be back on my feet enough to run the rescue to full capacity as Steph and I did at the height of it when she was in good health.

I have not only spent the last couple years seeing to their needs, but taking care of Steph as well. Getting her back and forth to appointments and working a job has left little extra time for much else other than the general care of the dogs. We even have some feral cats we have been feeding. We have been able to trap, fix and release some of them. They would probably make good barn cats.

So in keeping with her last wishes, I am asking if you would consider taking one or more of these dogs to train and rehome. If you can help and would like photos and statistics of any of the dogs in question, I will be more than happy to provide them and answer any questions you may have. Dogs needing placment are listed below. Any help you can give at this time will be greatly appreciated. To contact Safe Haven, you may respond to this email, or email You may also call Stephanie Powell at 918-902-9078, or Janet O'Connor at 918-576-3855.

Thank you again for any assistance you can give.

                            Best Wishes,
                           Janet O'Connor

8 GSD's

8 GSD mixes

1 Dutch Shepherd

1 Great Pyrenees

4 Great Pyrenees mixes

1 American Staffordshire Terrier

2 American Staffordshire Terrier mixes

3 Husky mixes-`

3 'Premium' mixes

1 Catahoula Hound

1 Bird Dog

1 Australian Cattle Dog Puppy 4-5 months old

                    Stephanie Powell
The S.H.E.B.A. Rescue Foundation, Inc.
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              Safe Haven GSD Rescue
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