Friday, April 18, 2014

Richmond VA: Little Shih Tzu male lost his Momma! Needs an experienced rescue!

From: Katie Walter <>
Date: Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 1:17 PM
Subject: Richmond, VA - Little Shih Tzu male has lost his Momma!! - Needs a rescue!

CONTACT: Ellie Gibberman: Email:       (at, Phone number: 1-888-350-3380. 

Sent: Friday, April 18, 2014 2:50 PM
Richmond, VA
- Little guy has lost his Momma, needs a rescue!

From: "Ellie Gibberman"
Caremore Lead NP
Richmond, VA
Email:       (at
Phone: 1-888-350-3380
I have a patient who has dementia, and owned a Shih Tzu.   The dog is aggressive like many small dogs when people knock on the door.   
The patient's daughter removed the dog, and he is now living with her and her family and their animals.  The dog is five years old, male, and neutered.  He is up-to-date on all the shots, and was recently vetted.  
He likes cats, and plays well with the Pit bull.  He exhibits no food aggression, and takes pills via pill pocket.  He does enjoy belly rubs and cuddling, and loves to play.  It seems that his aggression only stems when you try and touch his head or when someone knocks at the door.

He does like his crate, and is potty trained.   He has bitten when excited, and will take some work.