Wednesday, April 16, 2014

San Diego CA: URGENT. Video. Impounded sweetheart Tabby who tested positive for FIV has rescuer if COMMITTED PLACE TO GO AFTER FOSTER CARE

Kitty had abscess on cheek which the pound has drained and treated.
He has curable condition of mites which very temporary foster mom will tend to. Pound said he must be rescued by Saturday 4/19 or they will put him to death. Jetty Cats can pull him Saturday if he has a committed foster or forever for after he is healed in foster care. Please offer to adopt (or foster) this sweetheart. More discussion at public Facebook post (embedded herebelow) by Jetty Cats. Contact Jetty Cats via Facebook ASAP.

Post by Jetty Cats - San Diego.

Hello Jetty Cat friends,
I don't usually post about things unrelated to our colony, but tonight I need to ask for your help for a non-jetty kitty.
A stray cat came into my work yesterday with a huge abscess on his face. Animal Control came to pick up the cat and they drained the abscess and put a drain in his face. They did a skin scraping and found that he had scabies (a mite contagious to people and other animals) and he is FIV+. The only reason I am reaching out is because this cat is so extremely affectionate. He is very social and neutered. No one has come to claim him so far and he is going to be euthanized if no one takes him. Because he is FIV+, the shelter will not adopt him to the general public in fear that his new owners will let him outside. His stray hold is up on the 19th and if I don't pick him up Saturday morning, they will euthanize him. He has someone who is willing to temporarily foster him until his mites are gone, but he will need a home as soon as he is cleared.
Is there anyone out there who has room in their heart and home to save him? Please feel free to message me with any questions at all.

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