Monday, April 21, 2014

Warner Robins GA: URGENT! More Dogs Added! - Euth list - Sponsor $$$ - Some fully vetted!


From: Katie Walter <>
Date: Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 8:49 AM
Subject: Warner Robins, GA - URGENT! - More Dogs Added!! - Euth list sponsor $$ - Some fully vetted!

If you can take any of these kids, please contact Charli ASAP!!   
Phone: 770-584-3655, or email:       (at 

From: Charli Stinson []
Sent: Monday, April 21, 2014 10:31 AM
Warner Robins, GA
- URGENT Euth list!! - Sponsor $$$ - Some fully vetted - More Dogs Added!!

A few were saved, but more added.  Many left behind still need rescue URGENTLY. 

Some of these kids still have sponsorship.   Many are fully vetted and HW neg 

More dogs have been added to this list.  Some of these have been held over for several weeks, but they will not be held much longer, ac is full, and dogs must move, one way or the other. 

Please contact me quickly, if you can take any of these kids.  

Here are some of the kids that are still in a local animal control.  The AC is full, and these dogs must move to make room.  They are in urgent need of rescues.   

We have pull set up, as well as have low cost vetting, and low cost boarding is available, if needed.  

If you can take any of these kids, please contact me ASAP!!   Time is limited. 

Charli, 770/584/3655, or email:
Beagle, male, adult, picked up as a stray.   Rescued!!
URGENT!! - Doby - Male, Doberman, 1-2 years old, 69 pounds.  Fully vetted and heart worm treated.

Rescued!! - Gypsy Girl - Female, Shepherd mix, 2 yrs, fully vetted.  She was adopted and returned to dog pound because she chases cats.

URGENT!! - Male, Lab mix, 2 yrs, fully vetted, HW neg.

Dude - Male, Golden/Collie mix, 2 yrs, vetted, HW pos.

$85 Sponsor - Rescued!
Starla is a female 1-2 yr old Beagle type mix.  She is the size of a beagle, around 25 lbs.  She is crate trained and heartworm negative.  She is in need of rescue, she had a potential rescue but it fell through.  She is good with other dogs male, female, small and large.

VERY URGENT!! - Has $150 sponsor - Blue Bull, female, young adult.
Buttercup - Female, PB Treeing Walker Hound, 4 yrs, fully vetted, HW neg.

Chi male, adult, very afraid.
85$ Sponsor - Bailey - Female, Lab mix, 1 yr, vetted, but has Erlichia, and is HW positive; has meds for both.

$85 Sponsor
- Reid - Male, Lab mix, 1 yr, no vetting history.

American Bulldog, male, adult, large fellow.   May have been shot in the neck; not sure on the injury.

These two were surrendered to animal control.  The woman specifically purchased them with the intentions of breeding American Bulldogs; one male, and one female.  Male is younger than the female.   The female is house-broken.

Meet 3.5 yr old Chika and 2.5 yr old Baker.  Chika is a Doberman/Shepherd mix. She is a big, healthy girl, around 100lbs.  Baker is a Aussie/Lab mix.  He is red merle with ice blue eyes.  These two are in need of rescue they can go separate but ideally would love to stay together since they have both been raised as puppies together.  They are housebroken, current on vaccinations, spayed/neutered and micro-chipped.  There owner became ill and had to be hospitalized and sadly his family abandoned the dogs.  Chika is heartworm negative, but Baker is positive.  Please share these two.  Both are very well behaved and accustomed to being house dogs but now they are in cages.

- Patrick is a tan and white smooth coat Saint Bernard/ Boxer mix.  He is HUGE, and walks really well on a leash.  He is so cute when he talks to you (wolf, wolf, wolf).  This big guy thinks he is a lap dog.  Approximately 2 years old.  He possibly (only possibly) may be housebroken.  He is so sweet and beautiful.  He needs to pick up some weight, and may have been an inside dog.  I am told the pictures do not do him justice.  He is a very large boy and on the thin side; when he is filled out, he will be a hoss.

Lady Bug
This girl is urgent!!  She is fully vetted, and is great with kids, and with most other dogs.  
She is about 4 yrs old, and is at a vet.  She was brought in to be PTS because the husband threatened to dump her on a dirt road, so the wife thought it would be more humane to have her put down.  The vet wanted to try to give her a chance, but now we are running out of time, and if no place is found she will have to be euthanized.

Female Bull dog, 2-3 years.  Not sure about how she is with other dogs.  You can see in the picture that she has had lots of pups, and she needs a real life, and a family of her own.

Female, Choc Lab, young adult.  No other info.

Polo - Male, 10 months old, fully vetted, and on a monthly heart worm preventative.  Treated for mange, looks great, with no recurrence.

Big Head, male, 5 yrs, no other info.

Older pup, 9 old month male.  No other  info.

 Lucy - Female, 3 yrs, short little Bull dog mix, knows sit.