Sunday, May 18, 2014

Atlanta GA: Adopt playful 50-lb Staffie mix Natalie and 40-lb Lab mix Hannah

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Subject: Atlanta, GA - Natalie and Hannah - Please cross-post!

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Natalie and Hannah
- Atlanta, GA - Please cross-post!  
Atlanta, GA.

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Natalie and Hannah are now in foster, and showing what great dogs they are.  

Natalie is an awesome dog.  Being very affectionate, her typical greeting is to give a hug and kiss as seen in her pic.  Sitting on your feet is another FAV thing.  Belly rubs come in a close second.  Natalie is very smart.  She learned sit and down in a few takes, probably because she is eager to please and loves treats.  She is very playful, and loves to romp and play with her buddy dog Hannah, who is also for adoption.  She would be a great second dog, or could be adopted with her buddy Hannah (see below).  They love to snuggle together when they sleep.  She LOVES people.  Natalie is a red and white beauty!  She is about knee high and 50 lbs of love.  Natalie is a 1 year old Staffordshire mix spayed female, fully vetted and healthy, heart worm negative.  Natalie is just a sweet girl that wants so much attention.  She loves her walks, and is good on leash, even with another dog.  She gets daily walks with Hannah her foster buddy. 

Hannah is a 35 to 40 lb gentle soul.  She is a little shy, but is really blossoming in her foster home.  She asks for affection now.  She is a 2 year old Lab mix who is very feminine and pretty.  She is also about knee high.  When you are walking her she stays right by your side, and will look up at you for direction.  She is so sweet.  She is truly an adult puppy!  She has become the play instigator in her foster home.  She loves to run and play with her buddy Natalie. 

These two dogs are amazing.  They are both:
 *Very sweet natured and affectionate
* Spayed young females
 *Fully vetted and healthy, heart worm negative.
 *Crate trained and housebroken. 
 *Great on leash even when walking together
 *Good with older kids
 *Good with dogs

We would love to adopt them together, but they could go to a home with another dog who likes to play.