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Blue Ridge GA: Urgent update re: 4 beautiful white cats. Sad situation. Fully vetted!

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UPDATE from Carol (who visited them today):
"Spent about an 1 ½ hr. with them. There are actually 2 female kittens and 1 male plus the mother (4 total). When I stood up to walk around they all followed me to see what I was doing. They also listen to Joann [the 87 year old owner] walking around upstairs and whenever she gets near the door leading to the stairs, they watch keenly to see if she is going to come down. They even advance up a couple of stairs so they can greet her. Broke my heart because Joann only goes down to their level twice a day. You can probably tell from the pictures what conditions they are living in. It is also very moldy.*:( sad
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Date: Sat, May 17, 2014 at 6:54 AM
Subject: Blue Ridge GA - 4 beautiful WHITE cats/sad situation/fully vetted!

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Message from Carol:
An elderly lady (Joann) from my congregation took in a stray cat.  Turns out she was pregnant and had 3 female kittens. She spayed all 4 cats and had them vaccinated.  They are now approximately 2 and 3 years old and they are BEAUTIFUL and healthy.

Joann is now 87 yrs old and will probably need to go live with her daughter in Indiana, and if not, then move into an income-tied apartment, where she will not be able to take her cats.  She is struggling with the decision to have all the cats euthanized, since NONE of the rescue groups (in N. GA) will help.  All are full, of course.   They like to be petted but have not been picked up much.  I think they would love to have a real home where loving goes on as an everyday thing.   They could go to separate homes, obviously.  I will attempt to get better pictures.  They were so excited to have us there, they wouldn't stay still! Weaving in and out of our legs, etc.
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