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Bronxville NY: 911. Rescuer in trouble. 70 cats need placement by May 15th

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CONTACT: or by text or phone at (914) 396-6980>

Yesterday I got this email. > Its very sad and tragic what happens with this people. > When you read the story its not just them but the poor cats. Theydont deserve this. > You will find Lisa contact info and ask her personally. > if you can help or you know other organizations please help them!!! > Thank you!! > Cat Rescuer in need of Rescue > > Last week I had the opportunity to tell you a little bit about kitten season. This week I want to piggyback on that topic and tell you about an individual who has helped hundreds of cats and is now in need of immediate help for herself.
Lisa's difficulties began in 2003 when she and her brother Ronny were heading to work. Lisa's life was changed forever when Ronny suffered a heart attack and passed away while sitting next to her on their morning subway ride. > > As with many tragedies, Ronny's passing took it's toll on her family, but heartbroken Lisa just could not seem to pick herself back up and get back to business as usual. She sought the help of a professional as she was in desperate need of guidance and support. The therapist suggested that she find some type of hobby or project where she could do something positive and beneficial and give back to society. The goal was to allow the experience to bring her renewed hope, faith, and optimism. > It was then that Lisa began rescuing cats. > After her brother's passing, Lisa moved in with her parents. Together the three of them lived in the home that has been owned by her family for four generations. Over the years, times got tough for the family and the house went into foreclosure. Lisa and her parents hired a law firm to represent them in an effort to help them keep their home. They were relieved when they were able to obtain the necessary funds to stay afloat and felt confident that everything would work out for the best. > You can imagine how shocked they were to learn that the lawyers they hired never actually filed the necessary paperwork, nor did they show up for the most important court date. An investigation ensued, and it was discovered that this particular firm had scammed many of their clients, took their money, and were no longer in business. New lawyers were hired, but sadly, it was too late. The foreclosure was final and eviction proceedings had begun. > Lisa and her parents have been trying desperately to save their family home, but time has run out. As of Thursday, May 15, they need to vacate the premises and with no place to go, they will be homeless. Not only will Lisa and her elderly parents be leaving behind a lifetime of memories, they will also be forced to abandon all of the cats that Lisa has taken in and cared for over the years . . . all 70 of them. > Lisa has reached out to city and county officials and was told to contact the local shelters and rescue groups. Unfortunately, due to "Kitten season," the shelters and rescues are full to the brim with cats and there just is no more room. > I know that Bronxville is a small town, but I also know that there is a good chance that each and every one of us knows someone that is a cat lover and may be able to offer some type of assistance to just one of Lisa's 70 kitties; whether you or a friend opens your home permanently or temporarily to a kitty, or you just forward this article on to someone who may be able to help. As a group, it would be amazing if we could all try to help this woman who has done so much good, yet suffered so greatly over the years. > > I have asked Lisa to do her best to give me a list of the cats in need of placement. So please, if you or anyone you know may have an interest in helping one or more of the cats on the below list, I ask that you reach out to Lisa as soon as possible. By the time this article goes live, she will have less than 24 hours before the cats will be left all alone to fend for themselves. Sadly, there are quite a few with special needs (although most are easily treatable) who may become very sick or even die if they do not receive the proper care.
> 4 Russian blue > 4 Siamese > 1 Lynx Point > 3 Lilac Point Siamese > 3 Pastel Tortoise > 1 Black Tabby that has the Corona Virus which is Leukemia. > 8 Orange Tabby > 6 Black/White Tuxedo > 6 Tabby mixed brown/white/black 2 Special Diet w/ Yogurt > 8 Black Tabby 1 Has the Corona Virus (leukemia) > 1 American Short Hair Buff/White > 8 Tortoise > 2 Tabby Grey > 4 Buff Colored Tabby 2 Special Diet w/ Yogurt > 2 Marmalade Black/Brown/White > 1 Pastel Calico > 1 Calico > 1 American Short Hair Grey/White > 2 White with little dots of black/Blue eyes > and a litter of kittens that are now 4 weeks old. > Lisa can be reached by email at or by text or phone at (914) 396-6980 > > Best wishes, > Melinda Suli > 347-322-5337 > > > > > >