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Emporia VA: SOS!!! MONDAY 5/19 THEY WILL GO TO POUND! RE: 4 dogs still need re-homing!

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*PLEASE CONTACT IMMEDIATELY: LaRita Simmons at:         (at, phone number: 434-637-2141, or Nancy Seevers at:        (at

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Emporia VA - 4 Dogs still need re-homing (BY MONDAY)!! - (Yorkie mix, Pom mix, Cattle dog, and Dobie mix) -
 Please help!!!

There is a chance that there is a shelter out in DC that will take Smokey the Lab/Dobie mix.  

Still need homes for Diesel, Lady, and Smoke.


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Subject: Down-sized photos - Emporia VA - 4 dogs still need re-homing!!
*PLEASE CONTACT IMMEDIATELY: LaRita Simmons at:        (at, phone number: 434-637-2141, or Nancy Seevers at:        (at

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4 dogs still need re-homing!!

*PLEASE CONTACT IMMEDIATELY: LaRita Simmons at:        (at, phone number: 434-637-2141, or Nancy Seevers at:        (at

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No, thank you.  I had to call animal control yesterday.  I have to let them go in a week.

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Re: 4 dogs still need rehoming. 
I saw this awhile back, you have not found them homes?  So sorry, I will send it out.  

Thank you,

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Emporia VA
- 4 dogs still need re-homing!!

My name is LaRita Simmons, and I live in Emporia VA.  My phone number is: 434-637-2141.  

I have 4 other dogs, who are also rescue dogs, and they are also inside dogs.  My landlord has informed me, that per request of his father, I'm going to have to re-home them.  Putting them outside is not an option for me because of where we live.  I have had neighbors feed my dog, someone poisoned one of my dogs recently, and they have also been let out of their pens.  Therefore it would mean a lot to me if someone could help me re-home them with a family that's going to love them as much as I did when I rescued them.

I will load the pictures by the information of the dogs.

This is Lady she's a Yorkshire Terrier.  I rescued Lady back in 2003.  She is pretty old.  She has had all her shots as well as her rabies shot.  She loves kids and people.  She's very friendly.  She does have a very weak bladder because of old age, but I walk her like 4 times a day.  She has never been spayed.

This is my baby Smoke.  He's a Pomeranian.  I fell in love when I first saw him.  Smoke has had his shots as well. I have had Smoke since 2008.  He's a laid back quiet dog.  He doesn't like to play or run around a lot, he just likes to chill and be him.  He was recently hit by a car about 7 months ago when I went away on vacation, and a co-worker kept him for me.  She let him out to go to the bathroom with a leash on a busy street.  The car didn't literally hit him, but it took all the fur and scraped the skin off the top of his back.  He is very fragile.  I did take him to vet to find out there was no broken bones or internal bleeding.

This is Diesel.  He's an Australian Cattle Dog.  He's 5 years old, or so the vet told me.  He too has had all of his shots.  He doesn't interact with kids or other dogs.  He is very loyal to his owner, and very protective.  He is very strong and very loving.  He too is a house dog.

This is the baby of the bunch.  I have only had him 10 months.  His name is Smokie.  He's a Lab/Dominion Pincher mix.  He has been tested for worms, had his rabies shot, and is supposed to go back to vet in 3 weeks for another shot.  I really hate to see him go.  He's so spoiled.  He hasen't learned the technique of jumping yet. He's just my big clumsy baby.