Sunday, May 25, 2014

Humble TX: Jodi the declawed female Tortie Point needs home. Owner killed in car accident.

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An elderly lady approached me yesterday saying her daughter with whom she had lived with, was killed in a car accident in early May and Jody was her cat, the daughters cat.  She said she is having to move and is not allowed to take the cat.  She brought the cat with her, she is lovely, looks to be a Totie point siamese mix with beautiful blue eyes, she probably weight in access of 12 pound and seemed very sweet.  I could not get her completely out of the carrier to take her picture because she was a little scared at Petco with dogs barking and all the noise.  She did seem very socialized as she purred when I petted her.  LMN is full as I'm sure all are but wanted to put out this plea for this cat that has lost her owner and now her home in 2 weeks.  She is 9 years old beauty, declawed, spayed and sweet.  Please network and see if we can find this poor cat a home.

Contact information is Lynn Campbell  210-895-0902
Hope we can find this cat a new home
LMN Feline Rescue