Sunday, May 18, 2014

Libourn MO: Gorgeous small cuddly dogs need help. Great shelter to work with.

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Date: Sun, May 18, 2014 at 6:14 AM
Subject: Libourn, MO. gorgeous small cuddly dogs need help. Great shelter to work with
This is a great shelter to work with.  Huggies, Candyce
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SEMO have many small , cuddley, lovable and so cute dogs we need to get placed asap. If you are interested you can contact me Laura at Rescues must be qualified by us before receiving dogs from us.
Lola is small, so cute, so loving, She craves petting and loving but isn't under foot all the time. Pretty well minds her own business but if you can give her attention , she eats it up. Approx 6 yrs old? she is good with other dogs, loves people, not sure about kids or cats. Weight is approx 12 lbs . uses a dog door.
Benji is not as big as this enlarged photo makes him look. He is approx 2-3 yrs old, neutered and vetted, Benji is good with other dogs, not sure about cats or kids, He prefers to sleep in his crate at night so I just leave the door open all the time. uses a dog door well. Approx weight is 20 lbs
Cookie the Poodle  is doing so well. Doesn't she look great now. Remember she had a huge mammary tumor hanging from her belly. It came back NOT cancerous. She was so matted and we had her shaved and look at her now. All that hair. Cookie is maybe 8 yrs old. uses the dog door.  Not sure about kids or cats but ok with dogs.

Marley the Pom, he is overweight..omg overweight. Handsome, sweet , good with other dogs and a total sweet heart. Marley is approx 2 yrs old and guessing his weight at 35 lbs ? hard to say.. will know more when we go to the vet.

Electra the Lab mix is so very sweet, oh my gosh.. love this gal. she is good with other dogs, don't know about cats or kids but she is a darling of a dog. Loves the outdoors, uses a dog door, loving and just a over all GREAT pet. She isn't very big, guessing her around 35 lbs maybe?
Scooter the Chihuahua is a character. Full of personality. he loves to play with his owner, not great with other dogs .. he is a bit dominant but as you can see he is around many of them and does ok. He sleeps under the cover right next to you. Scooter is approx 6 yrs old? and weighs around 8 lbs?

Mike the Shih Tzu is sweet, good with the other dogs, not demanding, smart, loving but not underfoot.  Not sure about cats or kids he is in need of grooming.. and weighs around 18 lbs? approx 2 to 3 yrs old
Molly the Chihuahua is my lover gal. She cuddles me every night. Such a sweet, loving dog, her and Scooter are fairly bonded. Molly is approx 6 to 7 yrs old and maybe 8 lbs? ok with other dogs but not sure about cats or kids.
Scooter and Molly the Chi's are fairly bonded but not so much they  cant' be separated. See their pictures above.