Monday, May 26, 2014

Los Angeles area: still seeking! re: Beautiful Brenda the affectionate FeLV+ three-year-old Gray & White Tuxedo Needs A Home!

​​Kristi reports 5/26/14 that there have been no adopters stepping up for Brenda yet. Please adopt or network for Beautiful Brenda if you can. She is featured on Petfinder at:

5/16/14 POST
On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 5:12 PM, Cindy Paul <> wrote:
My friend Kristi rescued Brenda on her last day at the shelter and she turned out to be FeLV+. Kristi is an independent Rescuer and has other cats so Brenda is living in her bathroom. She's lonely and needs a home. If anyone has adopted out an FeLV+ cat and the Adopters might be willing to adopt another one, or if someone is looking for only one cat and would be willing to take an asymptomatic FeLV+, please contact Kristi below. OK to Cross-Post.
Thank you so much,
cindy paul

Brenda is a beautiful 3 year old gray and white Tuxedo and she's looking for new Best Friends. Those little white feet and long white whiskers are irresistible! She LOVES to talk, she's very attentive, and almost seems human at times. She's not that interested in toys, she just wants lots of pets and to hang out with her family. She might like to sleep on your bed, and will join you for breakfast and dinner and conversation! She's calm and easygoing. Brenda was abandoned by her first family and was rescued on her last day at the shelter. Despite this hard life, her spirit has not diminished and she continues to love people. She will be completely devoted to her new family. Brenda is FeLV+ but shows no symptoms. She will need to be the only cat in the home, or be with another cat that is also FeLV+. If you would like to meet Brenda or find our more information, contact Kristi: or 818-480-8149

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