Friday, May 2, 2014

NYC: Rally for Mary & the Kitties---South Ozone Park Queens Feeders Needed OR FOOD DONATIONS

From: Trudy Herenlip <>
Date: Fri, May 2, 2014 at 3:08 PM
Subject: S Ozone Park Queens** Feeders Needed OR FOOD DONATIONS***
To: Trudy Herenlip <>

May 2, 2014
S. Ozone Park Queens, NY
A dear,  rescue friend in Queens, NY has dedicated much of her life and "FREE TIME" to trapping, neutering and feeding feral stray cats…Come rain, ice, storms, snow, hurricanes, Mary is there to feed… additionally her own health has suffered too.
We have TRIED repeatedly to get her some HELP with feeding certain areas in the S Ozone Park area…seems impossible at this point!!!
IF anyone receiving this can OR knows of someone else who may be able to help with feeding…PLEASE let us know.
She is responsible for approx. 30 cats right now at 3 different locations.
It is my HOPE that at least we can get CAT FOOD Donations for Mary to ease some of the financial burden. She works crazy hours and commutes long distances and still comes HOME NIGHTLY and feeds these cats with compassion and dedication.
IF she misses one night, when she returns the cats are screaming with angst…
At this time I would love to be able to rally up  Cat FOOD donations for Mary…I know it would raise her spirit and ease some of her financial burden.
I hesitate to post her address in this email so if you would be willing to donate some cat food PLEASE RESPOND to Me and I will gladly send you Mary's Address…I can have food picked up and delivered to her as well if that would make it easier…Pet Food Store Gift cards are VERY welcome too.
We can't help everyone but we CAN help someone…
Thanks for reading this…
I've attached 2 photos of 2 of the S. Ozone Park cats who will benefit from this  rally for Mary and her kitties.
Contact me, Trudy Schilder